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Deepest solute and respect to the humanitarian and compassion heart of Stev Shaariibuu

March 27, 2010
Stev Shaariibuu  (

Stev Shaariibuu (

Altantuya Shaariibuu and son

Altantuya Shaariibuu and son

May the blessings of the Lights of butter lamps go to the Steve Shaariibuu , Altantuya Shaariibuu and family
May the blessings of the Lights of butter lamps go to the Steve Shaariibuu , Altantuya Shaariibuu and family

What will you do if the justice is not on your side? Your beloved one being killed cruelly ? Life has to move on with pains and tears, together with those innocent kids who cannot understand why their mum has never returned home. Mountain of financial burden has to be bear by old father and mother to take care two young grand childs who had lost their mother who was killed in the Malaysia in 4 years ago?

Altantuya Shaariibuu (Momgolian) was killed by two members of the Malaysian special action force, who blew her body into bits with explosives in a jungle clearing in Shah Alam on Oct 19, 2006. She had left her two young sons with his father Stev Shaariibuu, and mother who had to seek justice and bear financial burden of taking care of the children.

Even though the court had sentenced the two police officers convicted for murdering and face death penalty. However, Stev Shaaribuu does not want to see the two police officers convicted for the gristly crime hang.He even appeal to Malaysia government and said:,

“I want to ask for true humanitarian action. Please keep them in prison forever for I do not agree to the death penalty,” he said, in an email to Malaysiakini, through his Mongolian lawyer Munkhsaruul Mijiddorj.
( refer to the news report on the 27 March 2010:
Altantuya’s dad: Please no gallows for them)

Even he has failed to fill the RM 100 million civil suit against the two police officers for murdering her daughter. There is no single apology and compensation is offered by Malaysian government till date. Even the family still had not done the proper funeral due to the delay and rude response of our government to send back her bones!

Indeed, this is a big shame for Malaysian, especially to the political leaders of this country who are keeping silence on this matter. They claims themselves rule the nation with love, compassion and care. In this regards, the act of Stev Shaaribuu is far more truthful and compassion than our great leaders who always claim they are Muslim, Buddhists, Christian etc etc.. that to show how religious and moralistic principle they are.

Stev shaarbuu maybe is a Buddhist (as most Mongolian are Mahayana Buddhist). However, I think he is a person who live his dignity as true human who truely respect the cause of humanity and justice. Due to his position of humanitarian cause of not agreeing of killing, he can appeal to the Malaysian government not to implement the death penalty of those who had murdered his daughter !

My deepest solute and respect to Mr Steve Shaariibuu who has shown to Malaysian and our heartless political leaders, what is true meanings of caring , loving kindness principle and humanity is; even in front of your enemies or those who brought grave sufferings to your life!


Are Malaysian workers in electronic industry really not keen to work or “boycott” silently ?

March 20, 2010

Lately we heard all the “noises” of the Japanse / foreign Multinational (MNC) imvestors, especially those investing in the manufacturng industry, such as electronic and electrical. The Japanese investors complaints that the freezing migrant workers recruitment/working in Malaysia has caused tremedous loss to them.

There is a need of review of the policy in order no restriction in “importng” migrant workers to work in this indusrty. Or else they will choose to stop investing in Malaysia.

Accirding to them, the Malaysian workers are either not keen or lacking of higher skill to fit into this industry’s needs.

These remarks had responsed and agred by some of our top governmemt officers and minister agred on these claims.

However, from the labour rights point of views, are these claims truely valid? If we continue to allow this “cheapest and low skill” labour policy to be continued in this industry, will us really able to progress in our national industrialisation and better suintainable local economy? Better skills workforce that can expand its own skills ,poetntial and ablity, instead of depends of foreign tecnology and developmemt

There are some fallacies/doubts in thiese claims that we should investigate in order to assess whether these “claims” are valid:

1) The issue of permenant and formal job security of the Malaysian workers – especially when these investors came to Malaysia in the late 60 during the starting of Free Trade Zone. Are our workers ever enjoying permenant, better working conditions and payments?
The answer is NO.
Today, its has worsening towards allowing “permenance, secure” job/employement turn into the labour outsourcing and contract workers system.
The informalisation/flexiblisation of work and employement had caused the working comditions and income of the electronic workers degraded. They have to work under tremedous insecure/ fears of lossing job.

Therefore, shall Malaysian workers continue to choose these inhuman and insecure jobs?

Maye this can be the answers to our investors, ministers and government officials = the very basic facts of life
of workers and their simple logic/common sense as any human beings will choose, if they have the choice.

2) The informalisaion of work due to sub contracting system and contract labor system had caused further weakening bargaining power of the workers, especially in getting their voices to be heard in a unite labour force and trade union.

The current workforce in the electronic indutry had recruited almost 70 percent of its workforce that are migrant workers. They still earning the salary that what Malaysian workers used to earn in year 1970. For both the same fate happening to both Malaysian and migrant, they have no national union representation.
The only they have maybe only inhouse. Most migrant workers are in great fears in joining union.Meantimes, the Malaysian workers fears of contract employement system that they may not able to renew their
work contract if they join union. Wotkers have no bargaining power insecuring their employement.

So, is the “cheapest, labour intensive” of electronic industry and investors of TNC/MNC had given any better choices of working conditons, attracive remuneration and job satification/security for the workers conituining to be royal to the induestty?
Or the cost and profit is the only circulation is the prime and only conncern of the investors?

I think those high ministers and officials who are so excited to stand up for the foreign investors and TNC in
the electronic industry, they shall at least think about the”People Profit and elfare” in the long term and the
logic behind Malaysian working class are truely “boycotting” working in the electronic industry.
But they are many Malaysian we know still travel to Singapore or go as far middle east lately seeking
their fortunes and earning for better payment/life.

1. We need to review our old practice of continunig being proud to use the low wages/labour intensive as “selling” point. Obviuosly the shortage of Malaysian workers in the industry had showed the silence “boycott” of the workforce. We do need foreign investoments and skills sharing, bit we canot surrender the fates of our workers subject to bad working condition and life.
Malaysian working class blood and sweat in building the nation wealth and progress of nation shall be regonised.

2. The state shall fully support the abolishment of the contract employement and labour outsourcing policy/practice. Workers shall enjoy the employement security and live as himan beings that donot live in constant deep fears and anxiety due to job insecurity.

Of couse for such great cause, we shall put higher expectation to (People Alliance)-Pakatan Rakyat lead state governments and MPs to stand next to the better and just interest and welfare of Malaysian working class who are their potential and strong supportes/voters!

By Lee Siew Hwa
19 March 2010

Thought Manifestation

March 19, 2010

“The thought manifests as the word, the word manifests as the deed, the deed develops into habit, and habit hardens into character.

Therefore, watch the thought and its ways with care, and let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings.”

By,Siddhartha Gautama
aka Lord Buddha or Gautama Buddha
(App. 563 BCE to 483 BCE)
Ancient Indian spiritual leader and founder of Buddhism

Our day : International Women’s Day : 100 years of struggle for equality and dignity!

March 8, 2010

"The hope of gaining love, care and fair /dignified treatement and rights of women in this society- alike this drawing of tree : the inspiration and spirits of self determination and empowered is always growing and filled with hopes! (drawing of Susan Loone:
“The hope of gaining love, care and fair /dignified treatement and rights of women in this society- alike this drawing of tree : the inspiration and spirits of self determination and empowered is always growing and filled with hopes! (drawing of Susan Loone:

“ I am holding the top position in an established big company, however, I am still being treated unfairly compare to the men. Women in the top position in business sector do receive gender discrimination”- Azizah said.

“ I am worry to apply the job, especially they will ask me how old are you? Below 35 ? Are you married and any plan to have baby? .. These questions make me feel really sick,. Somehow the men will not be asked this questions and entitled to these women discrimination policies at the work place” Ng said.

“I am not a highly educated women workers working in the factory. I have 2 children and being the single mothers, i have tremendous pressure in getting enough cash for my family. Being a single mother, I am facing tremendous pressure/dilemma of balancing my family and work life”. Meera told.

“ How can I get rich faster? Maybe I shall find a rich man and marry to him. So I will not have to worry about my life” Jossie said.

“ How can I gain my own inner faith and pride again? Being a victim of domestic violence, I am constantly in fears, loss trust of men and yet I am seeking for love, yet being fears of being mistreated again and betrayal” Ho said.

These are women who are either my friends or any women that we had met who are always walking in the path of dilemma . Being a woman and living in society and world at large that still not yet regards men and women are equal human beings and entitled to be treated as decent human beings. We always will encounters such voices of women who are seeking to be liberated from their inner pains and sufferings

May this 100 years of International Women Day celebration : please extend our love, care and support to
Women and bring along the male counterpart in embracing/supporting the women rights, gender equality is basic human rights that we all as human race should be uphold.

Women – love yourself, be a dignified human and speaks up!

True generosity – is truly letting go

March 2, 2010


Last few weeks, after visited a relative during the Chinese New Year. I was having a tea at coffee shop. There was a beggar who was actually wondering outside the shop and later came inside to beg for money.

Suddenly, I saw a lady next to me who seems to be doing quite well from her dressing.

When the beggar came to her, she was actually stared to him with very fierce looks and asked him to go with a rude voice.

It was a surprise for me indeed.

I was surprise not because she refused to give any money.

Surprise for her stinginess.

Maybe many people will claim that there are many syndicate nowadays that had organized for organized begging business. If we gave these beggars money, then this syndicate business will be flourishing.

In a way, this is true and correct.

However, we indeed cannot be so sure sometimes, whether these people really are true beggars or fake one. Or maybe they are being “detained” and force to be professional beggars. For instance if they are not able to collect any money, they maybe punished physically. Or being denied for any meals.

Therefore, we indeed cannot be so sure.

Somehow, we still can give some foods , at least they can eat and drink , and avoiding cash.

Giving with true feelings of concerns and kindness is more important .

I remembered once we had a session of dana- food giving with our Rinpoche in holy site of Buddhagaya, India in Nov, year 2007. He said that he felt very touching when saw the disciples who “give away” the dana of food with respectful way and humbly attitude to those beggars in the area. Ir was the acts of humility and respect that make the act of Giving become meaningful and beutiful. If we give away/donate with the hearts of proud, pride, feeling good for ourselves or
regards others negatively, lower or suspicious, all the act of generosity of giving become meaningless eventually.

The reason we give away/donate something or services are in true sense to train ourselves not to attach/cling and stinginess. You need not be the rich ,smart one or need to give something very expensive amd big, then only consider generosity. All come from our heart, the heart of truly concern, feeling compassion and able to let go/giving in our mindstream.

He reminded us again. Don’t behave alike some of the Buddhists followers who keep competing with their dharma brothers and sisters in donating and show off their material possession. All these will not accumulate single merits for yourselves, if you have the wrong intention in the act of giving/generosity. Including showing off your knowledge as well.

Again, I reminded myself again what my master had told me after encountered the scene last weeks. May his words of wisdom always remind me.