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Heart of appreciation

January 22, 2011

Once a master told us:

The most hardest thing in life is for a person to be able more selfless, more common sense, more compassion and appreciate life and others’ kindness to them. Especially when you are facing terrible obstacles and problems in life.

If a person who tend to expect others should and oblige to help him/her and expect others to follow their ways. Instead of having the heart of appreciation to other kindness, they kept complaint and not satisfied.

This behavior will lead a person towards even worse life, It is because their minds are full of self-center and selfishness. There will be no one will be able to help them. Only they themselves to realize their diluted mind.

Usually they will continue adding their obstacles in life.
Due to unaware that the root cause of their problems in life is mostly are self created.


Beyond Hope and Fear…

January 20, 2011

Attachments is alike the dream
It seems real yet never exist

Soon we are able to realize it
Then our clarity of mind will be prevailed

And able to transcend beyond hope and fear
Beyond happiness and sufferings

Remembering the kindness and compassionate of our guru

January 20, 2011

My deepest gratitude to those who pointed out my shortcomings.
Also to those who are not mindful and hurt others due to their ignorance

All these happenings are great materials for my training and deepening wisdom and compassion

The tears of realization came especially recall Buddha and our guru who are extremely kind and compassionate
They never abandon us , even we are so “hopeless” and cling to habitual thoughts/actions





(.hinese translation: Fish Ip)