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‘Suffering is thought’

November 26, 2013

‘Suffering is thought’

When we expect something or someone. We experience suffer of wanting n fear
When we too happy with what we gain n enjoy. We are craving n attachments ..anxious of lose it n fear of lose

Both equally sufferings

If we see through these thoughts when its arise with awareness.. thoughts will submerge n resolve by itself

If we do not aware n give rise to expectations n attachments. The thoughts n negative emotions will rule us

Chains of negative thoughts n feelings rule our mind.
If we see through it. We will realise the nature of our mind n phenomena.
Thoughts are empty in nature as well.
If we cling to it.. We will continue to dwell in Samsara of our min


preciuos gift of guru

November 23, 2013

cnr_april 2013_meKL

what are we looking from those  teacher , either the  mundane or spiritual teacher?

its to acquire the skills full means of them, so we can   apply it to discover our own inner potentiality and wisdom

no other thing more precious that a teacher can  offer to their students

only those mind who are bookings for  this will be able to acquire the same realisation mind of their own teachers


November 21, 2013

Attachment and expectations is the root of all sufferings.

By realizing and experience the impermanence in life that is truely teach us what is emptiness

what is miracles?

November 11, 2013

Miracle will only happen when we are able set our mind to see things differently. Obstacles in life is the golden times for you to swift mind and make the test to increase wisdom and learn skillful means. Then obstacles become the blessings of life.this is the true miracle.


November 11, 2013

the diluted mind and negative emotions present in sentient beings is the key source of obstacles in life. However,we tend to think the external happenings, people are the key source of our obstacles. nevertheless , if we do not engage with external challenge and obstacles with diluted mind and negative emotions. soon, the obstacles will be a blessing for us. as you realize that all thoughts, emotions and obstacles are not permanence and empty in essence. The only permanence is the stable nature of our mind. nothing can shake it- no any thoughts can blow our mind up and down.

feeling contentous

November 3, 2013
Everywhere we go, we will find many people are keep making lots of complaints, complaints . complaints………
Eventually, we lost the possible of feeling content with what we have or love what we are being given.
We lost the feelings of joy and contentious in life, even the little we have, we can be forgotten