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the flame of life

February 22, 2012

our life is like the candle
its bright up the light for our life
Also light up for others

The light of love
Bright up our life and others

When the times comes
We will leave this world
Alike the flame of candle
The end,
It will be vanish

Nothing leave behind
Nothing carry forward


Encounter with a Bodhisattva in Cambodia

February 17, 2012

Along my journey transverse on this earth. Am always feeling extremely joy when my heart able to meet another similar heart – who share the path of Bodhisattva. Indeed am fortune enough that they are always come to me along this journey of perusing ultimate truth and freedom.

In my last trip in Cambodia, I came across many people especially those who left a deep memory and reminders to me

One of them is a friend from Cambodia. A young activist who told something to me that make me feel to cry. I know again I met another Bodhisattva on earth .

He born in a very poor family and yet determine till date to work for the change of the society- for the future generation .By doing activism work, he and family will not be able to enjoy the luxurious life where many people surrounding him who are aiming to achieve, after a country face so much sufferings due to past civil war and poverty.

Along the journey to a meeting place last month, we talked about his dream for the society, Also about his daughter who need to attend special education school yet he cannot afford to do so if he decide to move further in his activism work. He will be losing some amount of income for doing the activism work for the poor.

Yet, he told me : “ there are many kids and young people in this country who need help and to be save, My daughter is only one of them. I have to choose the path that can bring the goodness and justice to all others Not for a person”.

I know that I met another Bodhisattva along this journey of life.

Bodhisattvas’ love

February 17, 2012

Bodhisattva’s’ love has no possession no desire no expectation

All sentient beings are their love one

All their loves one are part of the sentient beings

The only true love manifest as such

As such alike the wind in the air

Bring the hearts to the lightness, joy and alive

As this love is beyond universe, ocean, earth and sky, heaven and hell, beyond any forms. beyond times,space

Yet, the seeds of love planted deeply within hearts of all sentient beings

We all have Buddha nature

Able to love as alike Bodhisattva

23 Jan 2012