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August 30, 2012


when we realised that changes are the nature of how things are,
we will accept the arising, cease is merely of the process of changing
therefore, all things, phenomenon are subjected to change, as its existences are conditioned.


No hope,no craving, no fears and no sufferings

August 29, 2012

If we are giving out love thinking for return,
this is risk ofIf we are giving out love thinking for return,
this is risk of fears
If we are giving and thinking about the act of give
this is risk of self craving, pains
The best offerings is there is no giver, no receiver
No hope,no craving, no fears and no sufferings

Life is a process…

August 22, 2012

We are trained in school and beliefs that what ever we do must have a result
Must get the success one, not the failure one
However, the points are:
– Target oriented cause us miss to true learn and enjoying the process
– Is there anything call result? Is result a static and concrete, unchanged?
Or we shall see the result itself no good and bad, success or failures
It is alike the wheel of the ca

r, is the wheel go to the down direction is bad?
Is the bad situation will always remains?
Nope, there is no starting, yet no ending. There is no such thing a result.
Therefore, all are the process…whatever happening in our life is merely part of the process of life.人生中出現的一切,都無法擁有,只能經歷


great wisdom 大智慧

August 22, 2012

when we are in good situation, most people surrounding us alike our teacher who guide us
when we are in bad condition, even those who seems to harm us also our teachers who guide us
this is thought of great wisdom
【 文殊遇緣則有師 】大智慧的文殊菩薩,他不管遇到什麼因緣,好因緣或壞因緣,對他來說,都等於是遇到老師。



【 行到水窮處,坐看雲起時 】

August 22, 2012

【 行到水窮處,坐看雲起時 】( 聖嚴法師 )












great compassion

August 22, 2012

You throw thorns, falling in my silence they become flowers.
― Siddhārtha Gautama

habitual thought

August 22, 2012

Our habitual thoughts are the key force that shape our behaviors that led to so call fate or karma. Transform it or realise that thoughts are just empty in nature.let it be.

samsaric love

August 22, 2012

If we understand most “love” we cling to is merely “conditioned love”. We will realise why people are sufferings due to lost of “love”
It exist due to the conditioned and most time condition changes

Therefore,many cannot love each others anymore. no mater how much they promise to each others
It is because these love is conditioned.And, not unconditioned and selfless.
This is samsaric love.

truth of life

August 21, 2012
old age, sickness,death or unexpected death = anyone on earth no need to go through this? even animal.,plants all living creatures will have to experience this.

not wanting to face it
or not wanting to think or accept it

anyway ,it will never stop this process happening to all of us…..

the most important thing is how we live our life now and able to let go it when times come…….

the meaning of our encounter in this life

August 16, 2012


It is our destiny to meet again in this life again
To accomplish something that we had forgotten to do in the past

To love unconditionally
To greet each other kindly and walk ahead on the path of enlightenment
This is the meaning of our encounter in this life