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Buddha Bless Nepal_Pray for Nepal

May 26, 2015

the disasters and tragedies had taught us and revealed the truth of the vulnerability of human life, nature and impermanence of the existence.

these happenings started to show the true crisis of the human society today that we cannot afford anymore to think/act selfishness and greediness as our mission of life.

these tragedies taught us to be truly mindful, love and compassion in whatever we are doing in life .It can bring so much benefits to all.


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Enough is Enough..

May 26, 2015

The constant feeling of never ever feel enough. Even we are actually not lacking of anything. This why get people into depression. In this world.

Material inequality do exist that cause the poor live in anxiety and fears of hungers.

In the same times, another group of people who have too much that led to their poverty of mind- the mind that never ever feel enough n getting depress over their possession not accumulated further.

This modern mental poverty caused so much of depression and aggression in society. To eliminate this disease is to enable them understand enough is enough. All these possession never ever can go into the grave with us.

Buddha bless Nepal

May 26, 2015

In the time of crisis,the beautiful things we sometimes can see that the barriers of egos had been pulled down and people start to realise that they have common aims for well beings of themselves and others together.this is sometimes the blessings of crisis happening
Hope in the midst of saving life and missions on relief the sufferings on the ground in sepal.
People and organisations who set themselves for noble mission of save lives can cross this barriers . Cross over our ego and clinging . Overcome the mind that crave to see our banner ,logos, news , efforts are being complemented and disregards about rejoices.
Buddha bless Nepal.May crisis bring everyone is able across the barriers of ego. Serve with selfless and pure intention.