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humanity is core of love

September 27, 2013


treat our enemies as kind as other human beings.
this is why we are proud to be called human beings.
all human has flaws. including us.
great mind embody vase heart and compassion
this is what lacking- we are not lacking of religion or any faiths or ideologies
we have problems of lacking of practicing it in daily life

from episode of Chin Peng’s ashes
we can see what kind of quality that our national leaders in leading this country with senses of lack of humanity and compassion.


To be ease

September 24, 2013


the more we try to so all sort of wonderful external things,fun and try to heeling joy
the more we cling to it
the more we hunger for it
the more we feel no peace and discontent

the truth is:
when we are free from self grasping  and attachment,
true inner peace and contentment will be naturally present
all about our mind

the ocean of love

September 1, 2013


When we realize and experience true love

It is alike the ocean of love merger in our heart

It has no boundary

It is always there as vast as universe

As deep as the ocean

Its never change and remain its stillness even after endures great storms and waves

Its embrace  whatever comes to its heart

The heart of vastness, embrace and joy

what is dharma and life-Q and A

September 1, 2013


A disciple asked his Buddhist teacher:
Student: Why life is getting harder even we practice dharma?
Master answered: it is to make you’re realize deeply the true nature of life and truth. So you can truly apply dharma in your life, be part of it Student: why is the true nature of life and truth ?
Master answered: change is part of life. Therefore nothing is permanence and nothing is impermanence. Even the present moment.
Student: if so, life is so meaningless? Nothing is truly existing and yet not non exist.
Master answered: the existence w is defined by you. You want to be happy or unhappy, its your mind to determine. As nothing truly exist or non exist.

So you the least, your mind can decide what thoughts to determine and embrace.
This is dharma
Scroll calligraphy by Hakuin Ekaku (depictsBodhidharma). Caption: Jikishin ninshin, Kensho jobutsu: “Direct pointing at the mind of man, seeing one’s nature and becoming Buddha.”

truly love ourselve

September 1, 2013

when we are able to truly love ourselves and be happy
then, we are only able to truly love others and bring joy to others

love is not replacing the depress self
depress self can only be content with let go of self graphing

let go of victimized mentality
joy and love will be present, soon the self graphing has no place in our heart :0