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capatalism – drive to materialism and peace business

February 26, 2013

The capitalism drive human society to 2 extremes:
1, pray to the god of materialism and agitate by endless desires
2. pray to the external god to seek inner peace and institution of selling peace products.
Yet, the fact is nether these are bringing human towards the desires peace and happiness
Till we are truly back to our inner goodness and in touch inner most soul and mind. There will be no sustainable peace and joy.


harmfulness is not true love

February 24, 2013

Many has mistaken lust as true love
Chasing for lust yet not aware its just to fulfill their fantasy mind and needs
Yet the true love has no lust
it only have care, concern,giving and respect to the others
Not their own lusts or needs for
Not even dare to harm others
Our craving for lust cause us to act harm others
Yet we claim that this is love
No one can judge

Indeed we are not afraid of karma
we are not afraid of god
we are just afraid of no lust and pleasure!

This is a strange world
human beings are ruled by lusts!

February 24, 2013

Birth, old age, sickness and death.
Has anyone on this earth will not experience this?

Life has up and down – be good bad/be happy sad
Has anyone always remain in the same situation without change?

Weather is unpredictable, the farmers who need to harvest has to depend of the will of universe
Has anyone able to do harvest without checking the weather?

Without able truly accept these facts, life is filled with depression- as we cannot accept life as such.

In real, We all are the same, No one is able to escape this process and destiny.

So, we can choose to accept it and live life with ease mind and peace.

drive of heart

February 21, 2013
Tone of philosophy,theory, logic, strategies debates ,discussions sound interesting…

Yet, come to the end, the passion,love and compassion drive within the heart is eventually the prime key that draw the huge forces that make the move and actions!

Embrace it and live every day as though it was our last, life is for living!

February 20, 2013


If we regards everyday is the last day of our life. Hence, each moment is the transformational time for us. The turbulent or perhaps distressing some of the events in our life may be, endings always leave room for brand new beginnings. WE can always enjoy a fresh start in life. Embrace it and live every day as though it was our last, life is for living! –


Keep Less, Give More

February 17, 2013

Keep less
Give More

The end of our life, we indeed can bring nothing after we die-
not even our body that we attach so much in this life.
even your so call blood connection children and grand children will not despair and follow you to grave together.

So whats an irony? we have so much attachment and spend so much time on our face, body and chasing for “forever”.
Nothing is forever. Only our desires are seem to be endless.


February 17, 2013


For the sake of goodness
Sometime, we need to hide our compassion and love
and silently extend it in darkness and silence…….

generosity – the best offerings from the heart

February 8, 2013

A poor lady she gave away her only food for other hunger man on the street
A rich man gave away one of his charity donation to the hunger man on the street
Whose own nothing is able to let go the only little possession for others – this is the act of true self less giving and compassion
When you have nothing and yet still able to give, this is true giving- as the deep compassion truly come from the heart
However, we usually tend to forget the act of this poor lady
Most time focus of the generosity of the rich man who give away one of his many wealth

serve the cause -self less- the ultimate way of liberaring ourselves and all sentient beings

February 6, 2013


As activist for almost 20 over years.

It is something I had never deeply felt till I realized these teaching of our dharma and teachers who remind us to serve with self less is most important and ultimately benefits to all sentient  being


The more I realize the nature of our mind/thoughts and the phenomenon , happenings and people surrounding us. I came to deepest faith on this teaching of self less.

The ultimate truth of emptiness and impermanence.

Hope this contemplation  and realization always not apart from my mind in any single moment:

We may think doing something good and serving the just cause and humanity is helping those who need helps and in risk
Indeed it is not really fully truth

Yet, another truth is:

1. the practice of serving and act on the cause is eventually benefits us more than the cause we serve or the people who are in need or risk


if we truly serve it with “self -less””above self”- it is a training for us to let go our ego – flame with name, fame,position and attention, ego clinging.
we will become more giving with self less and more and more near and discover our inner unborn Bodicitta.

Eventually, we are the one must be transform for the intention of mind and actions that serve the cause with ego clinging.
Then, the cause that we serve will truly benefits from us ultimately.


Letting go those weights hinder us to fly!

February 6, 2013
By rejecting unwanted happening, situation , people
By chasing wanted desires, hopes and wish
All lead to the pains of strong attachments and emotions
These are the weight that pull us down to be able to fly
Yet, simple let it be – the weight Will be ease!