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inner unborn mind

October 26, 2011

If you have faith in what Buddha revealed about all sentient beings has the un born Buddha nature mind
. However their Buddha qualities are not being revealed/ emerged due the stains that diluted their minds

The stains caused by afflicted emotions and also dualistic mind that caused the karma (habitual mind streams patterns repeating)

However soon they are able to clear away those stains and return /found their natural unborn mind.
The clarity of mind will lead them to the awakening mind. The mind of wisdom and great compassion.” Maha karuna.

Hence, everyone on this earth – be they Buddhist or non Buddhist or whether they had learned and heard dharma. They are potential to discover their own inner natural unborn mind. When the stains are being clear away.

Teaching of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, May 2011, KL


touch of love

October 26, 2011

the touch of love,care and respect connect us – no matter how far we are apart………the universe is unite to one ad bridged.

indisputable truth

October 23, 2011

One day when I woke up from slept
I found you had left

You never left any sign, any message before you left
The departure if silence
Alike the knife
Sharpy hit into bottom of my heart

No preparation
No last words
You had gone

This is impermanence
Old age


No one able to escape it
Including me

Impermanence natuare of all pheromones
Changes always rules our life
Even we are so sufferings with refusing accepting changes

Yet, it is an indisputable truth

rainbow-the bridge of our hearts

October 23, 2011

We used to promise each other

If a day we have to live apart

We will construct a bridge alike rainbow

Yet, we don’t realize that rainbow existence

Is only exist for temporary

Though it is so beautiful, attractive

Finally we realise the only permanence in our life

Is the moment we shared together

There is no past, no future

It is the present

The present is the rainbow

Its had been existed there

Sister, hold my hands

October 19, 2011

Can I hold your wounded heart?
Can I cover it with the silk ?
Can I fill the compassion into it?

I know it is hard
It is so painful for you

Too painful to feel being alone
Too lonely
Too anxious
Too fears

The hands that hold you firm had left you
The shoulder who give you contort turn you back

The path ahead seems unknown
Seems to be darkness

Let me hold your heart dearly
Hold my hands
I will walk the path together with you…….
You are not alone

constant changes

October 19, 2011

When the conditions ripens, our connections appear

When the conditions exhausted, time for us to depart

It is the reality of universe

No one will be able to resist these constant changes in life


October 19, 2011

The mirror of our mind
Alike crystal
Clarity encompass wisdom

Shining Heart

October 19, 2011

The shining heart
Alike the sun shine
Clear away our confusion
Bring us back to the inner awakening of solitude and joy

ultimate inner refuge

October 19, 2011

When we embraces the sea of mountains alike the un shake able faith and devotion. Here is the place for the ultimate inner refuge.

embrace uncertainty

October 19, 2011

my existence
alike a drop in the vast ocean

you will not find me

the ocean
with its vaseness and gentleness
will enable you to sail along the unknown of future
if you are able to embrace the uncertainty