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Grateful to life

April 20, 2014

one of my old friend said : : what a big deal to have big dreams and ambitious in life? come to end all of us need to eat and sleep , live life. To be able live life, eat and sleep happily is the real meaning of successful in life

3 years ago, i met a Cambodian millionaires who has big restaurants and best foods in Cambodia in the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment center. This man is suffering due to insomnia and cannot taste all the nice luxurious food even from his own restaurants! His mind is full of fears. The doctor told me that: This “POOR” man , what a pity, he own so much wealth and nice food, yet cannot enjoy it”

well said indeed.





circle of life

April 17, 2014

we neither can choose our birth nor our death
whatever we have done and make in this life
eventually mark the end when life come to its destiny and towards another journey

we are born to die
to die so another new path,rebirth

Thankful heart

April 10, 2014



It take a lifetime of sufferings, if we take a second to hate others
Its take a lifetime happiness, if we take a second to have thankful heart to others