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Deepest Gratitude From My Heart

March 29, 2009

4 April is near the corner now. It is the common memorial day remembering relative who had paused away for the Chinese all over the world. Many people gathered in the cemetery to pay their deep respect and gratitude to their loved one.
This day, i always will take a break and keep my space to remember my parent who passed away when i was a teenager. Remembering what they had taught us.

Infect, i was only able to spend with them only 18-20 years before they passed away. Too short indeed, if compared with all my four elder sisters who managed to live with them for a longer period of time due to my age gap with them..

Regardless of this short spam of time we could spent together, they infect had planted many good values and influences on me, that later i realized that it was indeed a very precious one.

This influence was later make me realized that it was the best “in heritage” that they had given to me. Especially, the value of humanity, the value of social awareness, the openness and apperception of other ethnic groups, and also the gender role.

My farther. Lee Say Thong, who born in Hainan Island, China in the year 1920, the first son of the landlord and intellectual background family.
Due to the Japanese occupation and war erupted in China, he and family had to leave their homeland behind and searched new life in Malaya. My father was not able to finish his study in the university and had to work all types of jobs in Malaya in order for surviving.

When i was young kid, my father who was running his small business in Kota Tinggi, Johor. Among our family friends and also helper to my father, there was an old Indian man, that i used to call him “Thamby”. He seems to be migrated from India to here, stayed alone in a rented room. Almost everyday, my father will ask me to send some food for him. Thamby was so happy and always smile to me. This infect the first lesson of humanity, kindness and generosity seeds that my father planted in me.

Due to my father education background, i guess he was very much move and concern on whatever happening in China.
Including the habits of reading newspapers and TV news to keep as his daily must to do routine. When i was young, kid i was the one always sticked next to him followed all the social political news happening all over the world and started debating with him. One point he told me, you got to study hard and become the lawyer when you grew up. It was a great inspiration for me when my father told me this. However, he passed away after a week i finally able as the only daughter among her five daughters that able to enter the university. Deep in my heart, I know this was my father’s dream that wanting me to do something for the society. That’s why when i was young, even the economy situation in our home was not ever stable and good, he will never say no whenever i wanted to buy any types of books. Hence, i was able infect had able to read many critical social critics books and all types of literatures all over the world, even when i was in teenager time. He never restricted me to act like any girl should be as the stereotype gender role and even allowing me just to be myself.

My father was infect a feminist, intellectual and also humanist that live as common lay person in a small town.

Later i was told that infect he was forced to be sent to Malaya by my grandfather from China, in order to stop him involving in the save nation anti Japanese war activism. Till the day he passed away, my father was not able to afford even to go back to his homeland in China. I think this was his greatest regret in his life and also for all of my sisters and me.

My mother, Chua Chui Qeuk, who born in Johor Bahru, Johor was an typical working class lady who was the elder daughter in the family. She had to take care all of her young siblings’ and could not finish even her primary education

However, she was indeed a very strong woman who smart enough that able to become the mid wife/nurse working in the government own hospital.

Her strong character had indeed shaped all of us, especially to the five daughters. Even though ,she was not highly educated, she was a very kind heart person, regardless of her tough personality. Same as my father, the seeds of humanity, multi culturalism value and also the non stereotype gender role in me now again was planted by my mother.

My mother had the very strong sympathy on women who was abandoned by their partner and living in poor.

As she was the mid wife working in the hospital, almost everyday, she would meet some women who were left behind by their partner and delivered the baby alone, had no one visited them, no food, no money and extra clothes. Whenever she encountered such women, we all will be asked to cook special food for these women who need extra care after delivered baby. These usually the busiest time for us at home, collecting clothes and cooking, even though we also have not much money to spend for household.
This simple act of kindness and generosity of my mother was something i could not forgot till today. Maybe this is why later whenever I saw poor single mother who had to live life alone, I will feel deeply for them

So, both my parent was able to educate us something in our life through their own simple daily practices.

You can be kind and generosity, even you infect had little material items in life to share with others , yet your heart sincerely was always the most important one.

Later, when i entered university, i realized these foundation that my parent built on me had given me a strong foundation to be able be very fast to have deep empathy feelings for the underprivileged , firm in my beliefs, and activism involvement, especially to against all type of racism and injustices.

I felt fortunately that till today, I had never surrendered to any racism mentality and actions, especially in Malaysia which is the most dominant value deep rooted within its people.

Again, this was something related to my parent’s attitude of treating all races as the same, equally and not allowing themselves to inherit the narrow racism mentality. Maybe, this was due to our home living within the Malay surrounding government quarters, all my close majority neighbors, childhood friends and parents friends were mostly Malay , India and the few was Chinese.

From my young age, we celebrated all the festivals together. My mother even had to ask some one to cook all the halal Muslim and India food at home in order all the neighbors , coworkers and friends can come to celebrate the Chinese New year with us.

However, after much later that I realized that my experience was indeed a rare one, compared to my other Chinese friends. Later I realized that I was infect not familiar with those traditional foods served in the Chinese New Year in my Chinese friends homes

Today, i realized that this childhood experience infect make me able to appreciate what is the true multi culturalism and can be in our society. It is to start with the deep and sincere love and appreciation to other cultural and religions, accepting and rejoice the differences we have.

My deep exposure to Malay culture and religion had built a very strong beliefs in me that infect the Malay culture and Islam is very beautiful one.
Many wrong perceptions deep rooted among the people of different religions and ethic groups were infect due to the bad racial politics propagated in our country,

Actually, in one point of my life, i was loss for sometimes when i was studying in local university, as i had to experience strong racism culture inside campus. This horrible experience was infect later pushed me to work on social justice issue after realizing the real root causes that created racism/prejudices among ethnic groups within our people in this nation. I think, if i had never live and enjoyed my childhood and teenager life in such living surrounding , i will not be able to apprehend the truth meaning and beauties of multi culturalsimand and also realize the root causes of social injustices in Malaysia.

Therefore, i deepest thanks and gratitude go to my both parent who not only brought me to this world , and also able to learn good values from them, They are my first guru who taught me the humanity lesson in my life. Even though ,they were not the top leaders of any position in the society, yet, they had been contributed quietly to society by planting the seed of humanity, kindness, generosity and multi culturalism in their children life.

29 March 2009
Kuala Lumpur







My dearest father

My dearest father


My dearest mother

My dearest mother


28 March 2009: A Day Of Mourning for Tibetans All Over The World and Inside Tibet

March 27, 2009
10 March was the 50 years anniversary of the people uprising day in Tibet due to the oppression they faced inside China .

Millions of Tibetan all over the world, from their grandparent, parent till their children now are still living as a person of no state identity in India, Nepal and other part of the world. 50 years marked the half century of human time.

Yet, the hope of returning to home land still a tinny hope .Yet the great suffering that are still enduring by those refugees were indeed unbearable.

I met these people in persons 3 years ago in Nepal. Its indeed opened my mind to see Tibet issue from difference views and ways. We used to be told about how the “monster:” like Dalai Lama and its government in exile told all the lies to people all over the world about the situation inside Tibet and its people.

However, the great lie always cannot hide from the truth… especially cannot hide when ever we witness another human fellows living in true sufferings and pains.
Their sufferings acted as the lifee vidence/testimony of the truth that was unspoken, can infect make the lies to be exposed.
This was how I discovered them,…….something I could not forget those faces who are in pains…

On the 1o March 2006, this was a sunny day , I was walking around the Bodanath Stiupa in Bodanath, Katmandu, Nepal…Suddenly, I was told by someone that there will be a ceremony of celebrating the Tibet People uprising day on the 10 March 2006.

There will be gathering of Tibetan community in exile in one of the monastery around the stupa area.
Out of curiosity and also part of work reason, I immediately went to the monastery.

For my surprise, there were so many of Tibetan, old/young, women / men, lama/lay persons all stood in front of the picture of their spiritual leader, The Holiness Dalai Lama , paying their respect and sang their national song. After the gathering, some of the younger’s led the protest and marched round the stupa peacefully

Indeed, for my surprise, this was the first public protest action after the banned of the Tibetan Welfare Center -the Nepal representative of Tibetan Government in Exile by the Kimg of Nepal since year 2005.

Even though all of them look very serious/calm face while the marching went on at the bodanath stupa, but I could feel their deepest sorrow in the heart and tears in the eyes…., Missing their homeland and people deeply……I was indeed felt very move and followed them till the marching ended.

Later again, miracle things happened to me unexpected again

I was able to visit those Tibetan refugee who fled over the Himalaya mountains, risking their life walked across the high and coolest Himalayan mountains of the world, seeking freedom and human treatment oversea and left behind their own homeland.

I saw the woman in pregnancy who had lost her toes on her feets due to the cool weather when she fled /walked almost 2 months from Tibet. Young kid that suffered from sickness in the refugee camp here. First time in my life, seeing these sufferings of Tibetan refugees with my own eyes had indeed make my heart
extremely painful
If China is the land of “wonderful that liberated the oppressed Tibetan people” as what was told now by the Communist Party of China leaders to the whole world. 
Then, Why did these common poor people, pregnancy women and kids needed to risk their life cross over to other alien land, risking their life? 

 Many of the kid as small as 6 years old following adult that not related to them at all, Fled to Nepal alone. Why did the small kid has to bear this risk? Why the parent would send the kid in this risking life escape journey, if living inside the Tibet is the heaven like place?

 Even the escape merely for seeking the economic betterment.

Pro-Tibet protesters carry portraits of Tibetans allegedly killed during protests in Tibet and march without shouting slogans through Tokyo streets Sunday, Aug. 24, 2008. About 200 people take part in the silent march in an attempt to create the atmosphere of funeral procession, marking the final day of Beijing Olympics. (Photo: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP)

Pro-Tibet protesters carry portraits of Tibetans allegedly killed during protests in Tibet and march without shouting slogans through Tokyo streets Sunday, Aug. 24, 2008. About 200 people take part in the silent march in an attempt to create the atmosphere of funeral procession, marking the final day of Beijing Olympics. (Photo: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP)

 Not for any political suppression reason.


Yet the questions is, if they are treated fairly and living in heaven like land, will people still want to cross over the cool mountain and risk their life being arrested, detained, tortured and killed? And treated badly as stateless person in alien land?

Infect any government can spoke their lies to all over the world with their own controlled media…

However, the true pictures/life testimonies of the human sufferings of those refugees in the camp is the most vivid evidence and proof of the oppression state did to their own people.
All refugees in the world tells the same story and truth….…

50 years in exile since Tibetan people uprising happened in Lhasa, Tibet in March 10 1959.…
How long these refugees has to bear with such inhuman suffering, suffering of missing home land, wanting to be treated dignify way and enjoying true equal rights as other human fellows?

Today, the Chinese government make the 28 March 2009 as the Emancipation Day of Tibet. 
Instead the representative of the Tibetan Government in Exile referred that 28 March isinstead be a day of mourning for Tibetans throughout the world and especially those in Tibet. This day will be observed as the day when the Tibetans as a people lost all vestiges of their basic individual and collective freedoms.
More news on Tibet , please refer :
28 March 2009
Kuala Lumpur








Join “Earth Day Carnival 2009”–LOVE THE MOTHER EARTH, GO ORGANIC!!-Kajang,Selangor,Malaysia

March 27, 2009

Dear All,

 Please come to join this fun, interesting and meaningful

“Earth Day Carnival 2009”


26  April 2009

Kajang, Selangor

You ,  your friends and family members attendances  are always  regards as  the most wonderfiul and kindest acts to support the environment and leading healthy lifestyle :)!


“Advises that hold dearly inside my heart “

March 24, 2009
HE Choymi Nyima Rinpoche : The Dhara Sun. Source:

HE Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche : The Dharma Sun. Source:


Whenever I saw your picture, my dearest guru who are guiding me in the path of awakening mind…

It recalled me what you had told me..:
“continue the path you are taking now, don’t surrender to resentment emotions..

Always hold your inner heart always be compassionate, be patient, mindfulness and practice meditation…”


Rinpoche advised me when we were in Bodhgaya India during the pilgrimage trip end October 2007. For me , this was an very auspicious and most joyful journey in my life, together with other dharma sisters/brothers and HE Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, we came to this holy place. This was the place where Buddha gained his ultimate realization and enlightenment. 1 Nov 2007, I took my another buddhist refuge with Rinpoche under the bodhi tree, making resolution deep in my heart to follow the foot step of Buddha and Rinpoche in this life and future life.

24 March 2009
Kuala Lumpur
Photos of the pilgrimage trip : 29 Oct – 4 Nov 2009
(Bodhgaya , Bihar, India)
Prayers conducted under the boddhi tree, the place buddha reached enlighthenment (

Prayers conducted under the boddhi tree, the place buddha reached enlighthenment (



View of temple in the early morning..(

View of temple in the early morning..(

Group photo took  after travel to the velture peak(

Group photo took after travel to the velture peak(


Group photo took  after travel to the velture peak (

Group offering on top of the velture peak (

Taking Refuge ceremony on the 1 Nov 2007(

Taking Refuge ceremony on the 1 Nov 2007(


The Compassionate one (

The Compassionate one (

Group photo took after visited the first International Buddhist University: Nalanda University.(

Group photo took after visited the first International Buddhist University: Nalanda University.(

Revolution for Who?

March 24, 2009

Resolutely Support the Anti-Imperialist Struggle of Peoples in Asia,Africa and Latin America.ByZhou Ruizhuang,Shanghai,China

Resolutely Support the Anti-Imperialist Struggle of Peoples in Asia,Africa and Latin America.ByZhou Ruizhuang,Shanghai,China



Why we need struggle for ?
Liberation for freedom & justice.

The power that we have not been possess
We call it oppression
We  have no land, job, no pride, no dignity
no choice, no freedom

We dreams….
Revolution came and we won

Yet another dreams come
Another monster come
with the name of “communism”
another evil power state
the heaven and hell we never ask for
the heaven and hell is the same

I am a woman
but i am a man as well
the man says women should behave “such” way man “such” way
i have the both ways or even more ways
though my body is woman

Revolution promise the freedom for all
freedom to choose  be both man n woman
freedom to choose not gender role stigma

Revolution come
i am still in the kitchen

i never have a taste of power
only taste of food

Communism with no honesty
to liberated both men & women
is not a liberation

only liberation for the men
taste of power

lead you to both
heaven & hell

 7 Sept 2003

Kuala Lumpur

Note: There are always irony that we can see in many ways when the revolution is being waged  and claim to grant  justice cause for all. Always , women eventually still remains as the second class in the gender relationship and also unable enjoy the equal rights as men in the society.

Even the great revolution struugle history claimed to liberate all humen being in the communist struggle in the last century, we still can see the feudal patrichy culture remain enslaved the women.









Sufferings , great source for Enlightenment:

March 23, 2009


I was enduring great sufferings and pains

Due to the deep attachment to you


I saw you in my dreams of our past life

Enduring suffering of attachment

Enduring suffering of re union and departure



I also saw the liberation of you and me

walking together in the path of searching enlightenment together


Like the great Prince Siddhartha (the great Buddha) and the wife Princess Bimba

Who reunion for the quest of seeking the truth of life

Walking together in the path of awakening mind

Benefits all sentient beings in this path of compassionate


Pricess Bimba,

The great realized female Buddha

Who make her suffering of attachment to love one

As her source of reaching realization

Sufferings become her key source of gaining enlightenment


This life


I meet you again in the dharma path

I will walk this path of denounce the deep attachment on you

Walking the path

Same as Pricess Bimba

Whose Wisdom gained through the ordinary sufferings of a woman


23 March 2009

Kuala Lumpur



I wish this poem can dedicate to all women who are enduring the sufferings of losing love one and struggling with their attachment on love one.

I had seen so many women who had endured great sufferings due to their deep attachment to their love one, and eventually led to depression, sickness and death. The great emotion sufferings had caused tremendous pains of their life, being women.

Wish that women can live their life with happiness and love without attachment. Gain their inner wisdom and living life with joy realising the emptiness nature of attachment. Like the Princess Bimba, at the age of 40, became ordained.. Her domestic tale of wisdom gained through the ordinary sufferings of a woman was indeed a great inspiration for me. And wish to walk the same path as her.















Hell Realm in the Human Land?

March 23, 2009
A worker is being detained during the sit in protest infront of  government building. 30 Oct 2008. Source:

A worker is being detained during the sit in protest infront of government building. 30 Oct 2008. Source:

The land of red stars

It shines since after the great revolution of 1 Oct 1949

The land that manifest the heaven place on human earth


Your name always appear in my little red book

You are the hero of revolution

Release the poor from the oppression

Release the old feudal culture to the new society


My heart always dream of you

When I was young student

I always carry your red book


The day

I finally came to this motherland of red revolution

I saw the poor homeless people on the street begging

I saw the young teen migrant workers who lost their fingers in their workplace

All under the name of Chinese way of market socialism


I saw the young poor migrant workers

They live in poverty and affected by industrial sickness

For the economy growth of China

They sold their golden youth age for the industrial production

To feed the consumptions greeds of people all over the world


When the economy down turn

The rural migrant young workers regards as the disposeable tissue paper

Now the leaders said

Times for you to go home

Back to your country to be farmers



I just wonder

The red book is speaking the truth?

Or speaking the hell realm in the human land?


Or the red book

Has been swollen by human greed?


Kuala Lumpur

23 March 2009

Note: Since the early 80, the starting of the socialist market of China way had created tremendous changes in the communist led China.. China turn into the word factory land to produce all the industrial products to feed people all over the world, especially , the west. Massive migration of young female and male teenage workers from rural areas to the city become the cheap labor for this massive labor needs of industrialization.. These millions of young workers had contributed the economy growth of China, yet they are not able to enjoy the decent pay, working condition and rights to organize forming their own independent workers organizations. Now the economy down turn, the state again urged the poor workers to be patient and contribute to save the nation crisis. Yet, who is going to bail out these poor workers life crisis that have to live without money, in hunger and homeless eventually ? Indeed this is the most irony reality happens in China today.

Vanida: always alive in our hearts

March 23, 2009

The spirit that never comprise to Injustice ....

My heart feel deeply move  to see these Photos of Pi Mod/Vanida

It sent to me by a Thai trade unionist and  another activist friend. Many thanks Yong!

I indeed feel so dearly of these photos and not able to choose only one to be share in my blog.   

Hence  i decided to   publish all of it.

The collective  memorial event of friends, activists and farmers on her.

The scene of Pak Moon dam site

The beutiful poster of Pi Mod face

All a re so preciuos one…….

Indeed she is always still alive in our memory and heart…

 One day, i hope that the muzuem of the Pak Mun and poor people struggle will be set up.This was one of her wish …..

The courage fighter:Vanida Tantiwittayapitak -the shinning star

The courage fighter:Vanida Tantiwittayapitak -the shinning star

The memorial event for Vanida_ her spirits will always carry with us.Organised by Thai activists

The memorial event for Vanida_ her spirits will always carry with us.Organised by Thai activists

Her spirits always still inspire the farmers communities all over Thailand in defending their land,livehood and nature....

Her spirits always still inspire the farmers communities all over Thailand in defending their land,livehood and nature....


This is the site of Pak Mun Dam that Pi Mod and the local people has been struugle to stop since over 10 years ago.....

This is the site of Pak Mun Dam that Pi Mod and the local people has been struugle to stop since over 10 years ago.....


EGAT_the company that constructs Pak Mun Dam

EGAT_the company that constructs Pak Mun Dam

Even in the last stage of her life and sickness, she still work very hard and travelling to countryside giving speeches:

The trade unionist friend of her sent these photos again to me, wanting us to see the spirits of Pi Mod till the last moment of her life –


Pi Mod presented her speech infront of large farmers community

Pi Mod presented her speech infront of large farmers community

Token of gratitude from local farmer community

Token of gratitude from local farmer community

The farmers who gathered and listened to Pi Mo's speech, even she is having sickness at that time.

The farmers who gathered and listened to Pi Mo's speech, even she is having sickness at that time.

Courage fighter:Vanida Tantiwittayapitak

March 20, 2009



The on going never ending news of political crisis in Thailand since the last Sept 2006 until today seems to be another disaster to the nation and its people ,especially the majority poor ,The power struggle among the different upper class elites within the Thai society indeed not a new phenomena in Thailand , if we learned its previous political history.

Besides these right wings elites power struggle, its also famous in its social transformation struggle that were waged by the people and student movement for achieving people democracy since the last century. The working class, peasants , intellectual, activists and students in the past till now still struggling for the quest of true democracy and social justice……..However, the current years deep political crisis had caused tremendous cost for tthe social movement and the pi noy ( refer to the common lay people in thai language) who are still living in poverty in the slum, countryside, hills etc….. Workers had to bear the sufferings of job loss and no live hood security, yet the politicians seems to be so busy in competing and struggling to pursue for their own power and wealth interest.

This is the most ironical and heart breaking reality ….

In the midst of such chaos, it reminded me to an old friend, one of my mentor during my earlier student activist time…. She is, Pi Mod: or Vanida Tantiwittayapitak. She died of breast cancer at age 52 on 6 December 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand.

She was a very renowned Thai student activist in the generation of October 1973 and later fled Bangkok to the countryside after the brutal massacre of students during a right-wing coup. After returned from the jungle, she never stop her social justice cause conviction and remained fully active in supporting the struggle of the poor communities, especially those poor farmers who faced displacement due to mega projects implementation in the north and northeast of Thailand. Later, she and other comrades formed Assembly of Poor in year 1996 which joined by massive farmers and workers all over Thailand.

All her efforts had proven that she was indeed a great leader that can move not only your mind, but most important she move your heart deeply.

Whenever I recalled her.. my memory will slip back to the dialogue we had in front of the parliament house when I was young student activist. She told me, this parliament belongs to us, the grassroots people who were the one built it. It actually means the democracy today in Thailand was the fruit of the struggle of past students activists, workers and farmers who had scarified their life in 1970 till now. Her eyes shine like a star when she told me about this comment. I could see the fire of love and hope in her soul…..

In one of my trip following her to the farmers community who were affected by the construction of the Pak Mun Dam, Ubon Ratchathani Providence. I saw her working tireless meeting with the farmers and discussed the strategy in defending their rights. For my surprise, She and other young activists were just living in a single Thai style farmer hut and making meals, planting the vegetables by themselves, as simple as that.

This was indeed an eye opening for me to see how this Bangkok born origin person, from a rich Sino Thai Chinese family background person like her, living exactly as simple as the farmer and lay person in the up country. She live her life as what she believe in. Practice simple life, live to protect nature and for social justice. Her true practice of generosity and impartial compassionate heart example had planted the seeds of love in my heart on her and also learning the true principles of life as an activist. So, I always regards Thailand as my second homeland in the past, joining them protested on the street, slept under the open sky when we had the mass protest in city and country side.

Indeed she is a very rare woman who is full of courage, firm beliefs and action, regardless of the risk of imprisonment and death threats.

A woman who dare to break the military crackdown and resisted it in 1970. Later, she was among the few again dare to organize the displace farmers in Isan, north east Thailand to resist the construction of Pak Mun Dam that will displaced many poor farmers, fishermen and also environmental destruction. Even though the country still live under the military martial law and controlled government rule in the early 1990.

Many Thai farmers till today still regards her as the truth torch in the midst of the darkest time that lightened their life.

Whenever I recalled her…I feel she is still there on the sky ,like the little stars, who always shine her light for others…lights of love, hope and courage!!
May her spirits can inspire more people stands on the right path and bring the smiling nation Thailand, especially their poor people life to be relief from sufferings.

20 March 2009
Kaala Lumpur















War in Sri Lanka : The Enemy of Humanity

March 19, 2009

The latest news of a human rights defender activist friend of mine from Sri Lanka that is being wanted and exposed to threat of killing and abduction by some militia forces is shocking one ,but yet not a surprise.

R who is a young man who have committed his young student life till now in his 4o still working tireless for the peace effort for the Tamil and Singhalese community. in Sri Lanka. He is a Singhalese, the dominance power ethnic group, yet, his brave and firm conviction on peace and humanity cause make him never being surrendered to any challenges all these years. Even putting his life in risk working on peace and human rights cause for all the people in Sri Lanka, his action can be a point to risk his life. Like many of his senior and activists who fought for peace in the past in Sri Lanka, he regards this is as part of his life prime mission.

My last visit in Sri Lanka at the year 2005 , the war conflict zone in Jafna, indeed gave me the most direct exposure on how people life under the arms conflict zone. Later, my heart truly realized that the key reason of my friend R and his conviction is something infect deep rooted in his deepest impartial compassionate heart to all human life in this nation that has make his conviction can not be shaken.

The Jafna ’s fact finding experience, I managed to directly witness and talking to the widows and children of the war victims from the both Tamil and Singhalese community both living in impoverishment and sufferings. The common civilian of both ethnic communities had endured great sufferings and also deepest hatred to each others due to political propaganda

After the trip, I kept thinking about issue of arms struggle. In the past we used to be taught  that sometimes arms struggle is cannot be avoid as we need to defend justice, especially when we are beng victimized.

However in reality, these human make war and sufferings indeed not able to provide any true and long lasting solution to conflict and peace . Its only helps these sufferings to be prolonged be those who are the one start the attack and those are being victimized. The viciuos circle of violence only help to prolong  the war.

Till today I could not forget their stories and faces of women I met there, especially something an old Tamil ethnic lady who told me: about her sufferings story living in the war zone area::

Indeed, arms struugle and war is not a solution for conflict and  achieving peace. It is only the killer of the humanity cause, innocence life and environment.My deepest wish a day, my friend, R and the people dreams in Sri Lanka can be realized. Making the war as the history that will not come back again and also those who committed to the crime of humanity to be put in the court of justice.

 She said: “ my husband was killed in the war by the Singhalese led government soldiers in many years ago as being suspected as the supporter of the LTTE. Now, my son is killed by the LTTE due to be being suspected as the Singhalese government spy. I am living just alike a living corpse, waiting the death come to me anytime. Life has no future for me”

 My tear could not stop along the week journey in Jaffna. This place was exactly alike the hell on the earth.

Sri Lanka – the land of Buddha – I strongly wish the true and long lasting peace can be restored . And people can use their deepest compassionate heart and wisdom to re discover their inner common humanity values , not allowing the fires of  hatred and revenge to be flourished anymore

 18  Marh 2009

Kuala Lumpur