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living in present

December 31, 2011

those who kept looking back the past can only see their own shadows of life which is not real. the only real thing exist is their suffering of attachment-like a shadow following them

those who kept chasing for desires of futures, can only see their own fears of not getting they want
in real, the future has not happen yet they are haunted with anxiety and fears

only the present moment..
we can live in present
also able to move on when the present soon become the “past”…..


To all political prisoners-in jail, in exile…may freedom and light of hope will shine soon in year 2012.

December 29, 2011

the sun is arising in the midst of desert

i know how sad you are walking alone in search this light
the light of hope
hope of liberating
hope of gaining ultimate freedom

i know how pain you are feeling now
both your heart and feet

my love will be always together with you
walk along this lonely journey
in searching of freedom

you are not alone
in this search of liberation and freedom

Aspiration for year 2012 :) …embrace the heart of Sun

December 28, 2011

May the dharma sun
Warm and shine across the whole universe and all beings……………
May this light shine on earth is showing the path to the ultimate liberation –
Bring the mind of all sentient beings returning to its original natural pure state….

Clearing the Obstacles on the Path

December 28, 2011

With your kindness, bestow your blessings upon me.
With your affection, guide myself and others on the path.
With your realization, grant me the siddhis.
With your powers, dispel the obstacles of myself and others.
Clear the outer obstacles externally.
Clear the inner obstacles internally.
Clear the secret obstacles into space.
Respectfully I bow down and take refuge in you.
~Clearing the Obstacles on the Path, a terma of Chokgyur Lingpa

transcending the sea of ignorance and samsara

December 28, 2011

no matter how the world will look like
no matter how you will response
there is only the matter of realising…
to realise that

able to giving out selfless love is a joy
able to say something honest is a virtual
able to do right thing not to harm others is an act of kindness
able to just close the eye of outer awareness to perceive the truth
the ultimate truth emerge within the inner most silence mind
the mind that is able transcending the sea of ignorance and samsara