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Ego and judgmental mind

November 28, 2014

If we use ego , our judgement will rule our mind. the judgement lead us to interprate happenings and perceptions on others. most time its merely our own conceptual belief and self make belief. the same for others towards us. how we perceives things lead us to different outcome of happenings and results in life.
some people choose the positive. some people choose the negative one.
the result of the outcome is all rest upon us.


embrace impermanence

November 28, 2014

we talk about impermanence a lots and seems to be understood it.
yet when the impermanence comes to us with its always surprise way
that’s the times truly test us whether we merely understand it or truly embrace it.
embrace it just like the weather. when rains, we stay home and use umbrella. when sun is hot, we cover our head. when the weather is pleasant, we joyfully embrace the shine. all these guide us to embrace the impermanence and yet not holding it. we cannot change the conditions ripening and ceasing. yet to realise all are momental -impermanence.
our emotions and thought as well impermanence.