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live life as is it in present moment

November 29, 2012

Just live in this moment and do what we can .
not too excited – its will make us more anxious as we are grabbing to success and happiness
not too sad- as we are too anxious about unfavorable situation of our life
just live in this moment
when we are sad- cry out, then let it go.
when we are happy, laugh, then let it go.
flexible like rubber

so, the pain is less


light the lamp

November 28, 2012


Remember!! if you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.

fears base living

November 28, 2012

all of us are the same – fears base living and life-
fears of old, sick, poor and dead
we born and then we keep chasing for something or someone to hold on for feeling secured, or we hold on ourselve to feel secure.
yet, eventually whatever we hold – cannot bring to the grave!

Loving kindness: the true spirits of humanity

November 20, 2012



Money , Fame,Power, Appearance,Pleasures will not last human spirits long.

Only loving kindness is able to lift up the light and life /spirits of a person in the most deepest way.


silence whisper

November 17, 2012

The silence whisper
Arose from a deeply asleep heart

Whisper of love
Like the wind of autumn
Bring the message of love and joy
Bring the heart to be awakening

women circle of love psyche

November 17, 2012

women circle of love psyche
1. teenager time: enjoy puppy love for fun
2. age of 20 plus: dream of romantic love
3. age of 30: security is the foundation of love, marriage
4. age of 40: start to realize love is dignity,live for yourself in dignify way
5. age of 50: start to seek freedom from the chains of family burden
6, age of 60: start to seek enjoy to be alone and freedom
7. age of 70: nothing is able to please them, except need to get ready to depart from the world!

look at this circle of life – eventually, we are seeking for only 2 things:
1. self dignify and freedom
2, after born, ready to go!

Let the shallow of life faded away

November 14, 2012

when we allow darkness leave within us ,

we are un seperateable from the universe the light of compassion and love

conditions ripening

November 13, 2012

There are 2 things determine happening
“fate” and “determination” which depend on conditions and causes
when times ripe, happening emerge


November 13, 2012




Freedom is always there within us
Most time negative thoughts and emotions enslaved our freedom

give and take

November 13, 2012

Life is give and take We hold on trust with open heart Even we are far apart…..