Are Malaysian workers in electronic industry really not keen to work or “boycott” silently ?

Lately we heard all the “noises” of the Japanse / foreign Multinational (MNC) imvestors, especially those investing in the manufacturng industry, such as electronic and electrical. The Japanese investors complaints that the freezing migrant workers recruitment/working in Malaysia has caused tremedous loss to them.

There is a need of review of the policy in order no restriction in “importng” migrant workers to work in this indusrty. Or else they will choose to stop investing in Malaysia.

Accirding to them, the Malaysian workers are either not keen or lacking of higher skill to fit into this industry’s needs.

These remarks had responsed and agred by some of our top governmemt officers and minister agred on these claims.

However, from the labour rights point of views, are these claims truely valid? If we continue to allow this “cheapest and low skill” labour policy to be continued in this industry, will us really able to progress in our national industrialisation and better suintainable local economy? Better skills workforce that can expand its own skills ,poetntial and ablity, instead of depends of foreign tecnology and developmemt

There are some fallacies/doubts in thiese claims that we should investigate in order to assess whether these “claims” are valid:

1) The issue of permenant and formal job security of the Malaysian workers – especially when these investors came to Malaysia in the late 60 during the starting of Free Trade Zone. Are our workers ever enjoying permenant, better working conditions and payments?
The answer is NO.
Today, its has worsening towards allowing “permenance, secure” job/employement turn into the labour outsourcing and contract workers system.
The informalisation/flexiblisation of work and employement had caused the working comditions and income of the electronic workers degraded. They have to work under tremedous insecure/ fears of lossing job.

Therefore, shall Malaysian workers continue to choose these inhuman and insecure jobs?

Maye this can be the answers to our investors, ministers and government officials = the very basic facts of life
of workers and their simple logic/common sense as any human beings will choose, if they have the choice.

2) The informalisaion of work due to sub contracting system and contract labor system had caused further weakening bargaining power of the workers, especially in getting their voices to be heard in a unite labour force and trade union.

The current workforce in the electronic indutry had recruited almost 70 percent of its workforce that are migrant workers. They still earning the salary that what Malaysian workers used to earn in year 1970. For both the same fate happening to both Malaysian and migrant, they have no national union representation.
The only they have maybe only inhouse. Most migrant workers are in great fears in joining union.Meantimes, the Malaysian workers fears of contract employement system that they may not able to renew their
work contract if they join union. Wotkers have no bargaining power insecuring their employement.

So, is the “cheapest, labour intensive” of electronic industry and investors of TNC/MNC had given any better choices of working conditons, attracive remuneration and job satification/security for the workers conituining to be royal to the induestty?
Or the cost and profit is the only circulation is the prime and only conncern of the investors?

I think those high ministers and officials who are so excited to stand up for the foreign investors and TNC in
the electronic industry, they shall at least think about the”People Profit and elfare” in the long term and the
logic behind Malaysian working class are truely “boycotting” working in the electronic industry.
But they are many Malaysian we know still travel to Singapore or go as far middle east lately seeking
their fortunes and earning for better payment/life.

1. We need to review our old practice of continunig being proud to use the low wages/labour intensive as “selling” point. Obviuosly the shortage of Malaysian workers in the industry had showed the silence “boycott” of the workforce. We do need foreign investoments and skills sharing, bit we canot surrender the fates of our workers subject to bad working condition and life.
Malaysian working class blood and sweat in building the nation wealth and progress of nation shall be regonised.

2. The state shall fully support the abolishment of the contract employement and labour outsourcing policy/practice. Workers shall enjoy the employement security and live as himan beings that donot live in constant deep fears and anxiety due to job insecurity.

Of couse for such great cause, we shall put higher expectation to (People Alliance)-Pakatan Rakyat lead state governments and MPs to stand next to the better and just interest and welfare of Malaysian working class who are their potential and strong supportes/voters!

By Lee Siew Hwa
19 March 2010


One Response to “Are Malaysian workers in electronic industry really not keen to work or “boycott” silently ?”

  1. soonkv Says:

    Full agreed. People are humans, not robots.

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