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the painter of our life

January 26, 2014

If we have only one life to live, which is only this moment that we are actually alive and has the ownership. This life will be color by many happenings and events of life, society and world. However, the life is filled with passion and love has no time. its beyond the times and immortal. We are the painter of our life


lessons of life

January 25, 2014

lampsCone to the end. Life is a playground of lessons to learn and experience. The only way of unconditional love is letting go

“May all are blessed with joy, love and peace in year 2014.”

January 1, 2014
“May all are blessed with joy, love and peace in year 2014.”We can plan many things in life. yet most things are conditioned. conditioned is impermanence. so always be ready change of situation and plan, go along with it. Trusting all changes brings meanings to us and enrich our life.

We are a drop of water in the huge ocean and a little cloud on vast sky. Do our part as much as we can, then, let it go fully when times come.

Looking forward to year 2014 with joy, love and good faith.

May all blessed with joy, love and peace in year 2014.

The most matter is loving kindness- may all beings are blessed with abidance of love , joy and peace.

May all be kind to each other.