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January 2, 2015


May year 2015 will bring a truly joyful year that is filled with abundance of love, compassion and kindness in everyone heart.

Year 2014 is a very unforgettable year.

Malaysia started the year 2014 with tragedy of MH 370, then end the year with another tragedy of another flight and the worst flood in the history.

However, the disasters and tragedies had taught us and revealed the truth of the vulnerability of human life, nature and impermanence of the existence.

These happenings started to show the true crisis of the human society today that we cannot afford anymore to think/act selfishness and greediness as our mission of life. These tragedies taught us to be truly mindful, love and compassion in whatever we are doing in life .It can bring so much benefits to all.

May all share the common contemplation of learning from these lessons and resolute to embark to a new year 2015 with more loving, compassion,kindness and mindful mind,heart and action that can bring the true joy to all living beings on this earth and universe.