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where is our mind?

July 30, 2012

In one of the post meditation session in year 2010,

Rinpoche <teacher> asked me:what do you see
me: I see nothing,i found nothing, cannot find myself. only alike mirror
teacher: see who is seeing…

“you cannot see yourself, unless you realise there is really nothing to see. even the one try to see!!”


Gift of love

July 30, 2012

The gift of love I give you, is the gift of silence; the distance between us; and my absence; for you to think about the meaning of love; for you to contemplate about life, for you to find the reason for my existence in yours. The gift of love I give you, is the gift of choice; and the freedom to choose, to stay or to leave. Should you decide to stay, that would be God’s gift of love to me.And if you decide to leave, that would be God’s gift of love to you.

By Susan Loone



July 27, 2012

To love you is to know when to leave; and when to go. To know whichever road taken, is a road that leads to your door. Can I ever leave then? I must. For there are no arrivals without departures.

By Susan Loone

27 July 2012

Photo -by Agnes Siew

Nice morning sky scene in Phonm Penh

home of my heart

July 27, 2012

I  thought you had gone

Yet i still can find you

In the home of my heart


July 27, 2012

There are many shores, but one ocean, many planets, one earth. There are countless, countless of stars, one sun. There are many paths, one God. And what about love? Love has a thousand faces, but only one beloved.

by Susan Loone

Liberate from habitual thoughts

July 27, 2012

let the habitual thoughts -fears of past lives go, just watch on it and let it go naturally. it was the past. no need grasp on it and develop fears that eventually it become real. as our mind is such powerful- it can make thing real to unreal, and can make thing unreal to real.

As the projection of mind cause the existence of universe and us. The best way of away from recycle the past life habitual thoughts and habits- is just simply watch at the thought- and no reject and attach. it will go, tell ourselves, it is merely an empty thought,alike the air .

bodhisattva path

July 27, 2012

selfless love require the realization of the non self
this understanding will enable us to be able serve without clinging to ” self” :I” “me” – the ego driven service work is eventually only cause harm to others.
As Ego driven to the negative emotion of proud, pride, jealously, insecure ,fears and control –
May the mirror of our mind always remind us – whether we are truly serving the good cause or ego driven?


July 27, 2012

“Alone, in my silence, you appear
In crowds, amid noises, you disappear.

“Inside me is a longing to set you free
Inside me is a courage to free you from fear.

“What are you looking for
that you cannot find inside you?
look deeper
for whatever is outside
is not worth searching for.

“Love is worth dying for
if only you have the courage to love.

“For you can travel the world over
searching for love
forgetting that you have left it at home”

by Susan Loone
20 july 2012

Unshakeable faith

July 27, 2012

when we serve the cause with pure mind and heart, our mind is alike a rock- unshakeable

Awakening mind

July 27, 2012

Take dear care of our mind
As such that not let it
To be drown into the illusion
To be able remain its pureness
To be able to see things as is it