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seld transformation – power of change

January 19, 2013

Portland Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon, USA

Many people who are facing depression
In the start they may face a resolvable problem
However, when times pass by
It become the habitual mind that are part of them
Eventually they themselves and depression become in separate able

One of the reasons is that the strong ego cling of I “ I” caused them keep deepening the negative emotions and thoughts
They keep looking on other people faults that cause their pains.
Instead of look at their own faults and make hard efforts to change
In reality, if we cannot transform ourselves, do not expect others will change their bad habits as

Transform ourselves don not make us any be little, yet make us growth.
The real little one is those refuse to change


innocent heart

January 19, 2013


when we are truly able to serve a just cause from bottom of our heart with no craving of expectation and returns. whatever comes will merely a smile – child like smile! child smiles, simply smiles has no reasons


January 14, 2013



When we are truly value , understand and start to love ourselves
We will know how to love others unconditionally
生命是美麗的.必須熱愛生命.懂得愛自己 –

May the lights of wisdom and love shine on earth!

January 13, 2013

light of hope_candlemay the light of love, compassion and wisdom lighten the heart of all sentient beings. may the darkness of life clear away and be the sun of love return to our hearts and earth

may my love reach you from afar at Himalaya, you are being blessed always. lights of wisdom and joy with you always

trusting all doors lead to fullness of life!

January 13, 2013

Trust that all doors close or open to us along this path is always leading us more meaningful fruition of life.

Hence, never cling those doors that no more relevance to our life. Never afraid to welcome and open the new doors that enrich our life ahead!
Life is beautiful where we realise it all are about experience love and any happenings.

Only love is matter

January 9, 2013


Only love is matter.
Love make rain become fun
Love make sunshine become warm
Love make us fearless, courage and compassion in the path
Walk fearless and love deeply, regret less.

May rain of love pour on everyone hearts in year 2013~

My love is finally back to the home of my heart in year 2013!!!!
May the same to all of you!

don’t let the dreams of our hearts easily fade away

January 9, 2013


When I was a child, my late father told me that : “ you are born as a dreamer”
When I was teenager , I dream to be the political poets as I love all those poems from china, Taiwan and Malaysia which inspire my innocent heart.
Later, I become protestor of life and street!
Because we have dreams, so we are alive! So, don’t let the dreams of our hearts easily fade away