Deepest solute and respect to the humanitarian and compassion heart of Stev Shaariibuu

Stev Shaariibuu  (

Stev Shaariibuu (

Altantuya Shaariibuu and son

Altantuya Shaariibuu and son

May the blessings of the Lights of butter lamps go to the Steve Shaariibuu , Altantuya Shaariibuu and family
May the blessings of the Lights of butter lamps go to the Steve Shaariibuu , Altantuya Shaariibuu and family

What will you do if the justice is not on your side? Your beloved one being killed cruelly ? Life has to move on with pains and tears, together with those innocent kids who cannot understand why their mum has never returned home. Mountain of financial burden has to be bear by old father and mother to take care two young grand childs who had lost their mother who was killed in the Malaysia in 4 years ago?

Altantuya Shaariibuu (Momgolian) was killed by two members of the Malaysian special action force, who blew her body into bits with explosives in a jungle clearing in Shah Alam on Oct 19, 2006. She had left her two young sons with his father Stev Shaariibuu, and mother who had to seek justice and bear financial burden of taking care of the children.

Even though the court had sentenced the two police officers convicted for murdering and face death penalty. However, Stev Shaaribuu does not want to see the two police officers convicted for the gristly crime hang.He even appeal to Malaysia government and said:,

“I want to ask for true humanitarian action. Please keep them in prison forever for I do not agree to the death penalty,” he said, in an email to Malaysiakini, through his Mongolian lawyer Munkhsaruul Mijiddorj.
( refer to the news report on the 27 March 2010:
Altantuya’s dad: Please no gallows for them)

Even he has failed to fill the RM 100 million civil suit against the two police officers for murdering her daughter. There is no single apology and compensation is offered by Malaysian government till date. Even the family still had not done the proper funeral due to the delay and rude response of our government to send back her bones!

Indeed, this is a big shame for Malaysian, especially to the political leaders of this country who are keeping silence on this matter. They claims themselves rule the nation with love, compassion and care. In this regards, the act of Stev Shaaribuu is far more truthful and compassion than our great leaders who always claim they are Muslim, Buddhists, Christian etc etc.. that to show how religious and moralistic principle they are.

Stev shaarbuu maybe is a Buddhist (as most Mongolian are Mahayana Buddhist). However, I think he is a person who live his dignity as true human who truely respect the cause of humanity and justice. Due to his position of humanitarian cause of not agreeing of killing, he can appeal to the Malaysian government not to implement the death penalty of those who had murdered his daughter !

My deepest solute and respect to Mr Steve Shaariibuu who has shown to Malaysian and our heartless political leaders, what is true meanings of caring , loving kindness principle and humanity is; even in front of your enemies or those who brought grave sufferings to your life!


One Response to “Deepest solute and respect to the humanitarian and compassion heart of Stev Shaariibuu”

  1. Steve Ong Says:

    I salute you miliions of salutes!!!
    You have just shown the ‘real murderers’ how to be human….
    your daughters’ death will be known and felt by the real murderers…

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