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corruption is not evil

February 23, 2014

corruption is not evil.
the real evil is the evil thought that lead to selfishness

any leader has not liberated from this selfishness
they need to accomplish their mind cleansing before they can lead any society changes or uphold justice for others

or else, there will be never has any true changes happening


humanity is core of love

September 27, 2013


treat our enemies as kind as other human beings.
this is why we are proud to be called human beings.
all human has flaws. including us.
great mind embody vase heart and compassion
this is what lacking- we are not lacking of religion or any faiths or ideologies
we have problems of lacking of practicing it in daily life

from episode of Chin Peng’s ashes
we can see what kind of quality that our national leaders in leading this country with senses of lack of humanity and compassion.

International solidarity beyond nationlistic

June 7, 2013

when someone proclaim: the May day is the international labour/working class day.
we all will sing the song of international solidarity song.

yet come to the real struggle defend workers rights and democracy.
many will start to say: ” we only able to focus on our national struggle. labour movement and democracy is another issue. Participate in the political struggle to defend people democracy in other country is political struggle , not labour issue/struggle”

the narrow minded of making division between the political struggle of democracy and defending the labour struggle that blind us:
blind us from narrow nationalistic struggle of democracy and labor struggle
blind us to practice what we preach about the global capital has no nations. yet, we are blinded by nationalistic mentality and struggle frame work.

labour , democracy and any international solidarity will not realised any progress when we remain this same mentality and struggle direction.

Wesak: day of awakening

May 23, 2013


Wesak eve in Malaysia alike the dark clouds on sky.
Winds blow from all sides
If we are not aware- not stay mindful
Our minds will definitely be confuse
Confuse with the arrest, injustice happening in malaysia
Confuse with our fears and afraid to air our solidarity to those struggle for democracy
We just live like a material beings who has lost our consciences -lost our mind

The good meaning of celebrate Wesak with the real meaning of awakening
Clear our confuse mind and act on compassion

Such as HH Dalai Lama said:

“When something
needs to be done in the world
to rectify the wrongs,
if one is really concerned
with benefiting others,
one needs to be
engaged, involved.
This is action out of compassion.”

— His Holiness The Dalai Lama
If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

self righthous twin to ego clinging

May 22, 2013

Self righteous sometimes can become strong ego clinging

Able to blames other faults, yet can see our own flaws

The worst people in the world are those always  profess they are fighting/dying for others welfare

Yet expect return of positions, power, name and fame

These falseness make us suffering especially during downfall

A true selfless person will  serve to society will never care name, fame, power and any recognitions

Even  able to patient in the midst of accusation and being victimized – these will not stop them to continue their pure mind and heart to serve with selfless motivation.

myth of idealism

May 22, 2013

The myth of idealism is thinking change only can come from political parties and become the member of parliament/state assembly
making the process of democracy narrowly endorse into small group of “people representatives” to deal with our fate and nation.

If we think the only way to make change and contributing to democracy struggle or process only via this method. And we are not able to play the games of politics of political parties- the end is : Game over ! Downfall!

We are born in this world with gits that are given inborn.
Do the best within our abilities, no to copy what others good at.
True change can only come with knowing ourselves and make the best

Perfection is Ilussion!

May 22, 2013
Lessons to learn of today:
Desires cause false illusion and expectation
Perfection is the illusion
So, if we are not ready to accept this,
Better not engaged in politics- especially political parties
There is games that need to obey
Or else, games over!

“ see the phenomenon as illusion
treat what you hear as emptiness”

World peace will happen if we start to tame our own mind.

April 16, 2013


World peace will happen if we start to tame our own mind.

We are talking about world peace nowadays.
Yet, we created more weapons and wars in the same time.
Human is the main reason that cause world problem and not peace. The main reason is connected to our craving and greedy for name, fame and power.
There are Five Preceptsin in Buddhism
Killing, stealing, accusation, sexual misconduct and intoxification
The Five Precepts:
1. Panatipata veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami
I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures.
2. Adinnadana veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami
I undertake the precept to refrain from taking that which is not given.
3. Kamesu micchacara veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami
I undertake the precept to refrain from sexual misconduct.
4. Musavada veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami
I undertake the precept to refrain from incorrect speech.
5. Suramerayamajja pamadatthana veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami
I undertake the precept to refrain from intoxicating drinks and drugs which lead to carelessness.

However, the worst intoxicating is the mind intoxicating which filled with greed, hatred, ego clinging that lead to negative emotions that caused tremendous disasters not only human, society and also all sentient beings.
Therefore, the practice of 5 precepts must be followed : not to do harm and always stay in sharp awake mind that away from mind intoxicating. World peace will happen if we start to tame our own mind.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
Kuala Lumpur : 14 April 2013

Pemergian seorang pemimpin ulung Parti Komunis Malaya: Suriani Abdullah/Eng Ming Ching-应敏钦

March 23, 2013
Pemergian seorang pemimpin ulung Parti Komunis Malaya: Suriani Abdullah/Eng Ming Ching-应敏钦
March 12, 2013

Pemergian seorang pemimpin ulung Parti Komunis Malaya: Suriani Abdullah/Eng Ming Ching

Lee Siew Hwa


Suriani Abdullah/Eng Ming Ching – anak perempuan dan ibu kepada tanah air tercinta telah meninggal dunia pada 21 Mac 2013 – di Ban Chulaborn 12, wilayah Sukhirin, selatan negara Thai.

Pada tahun 2002, sewaktu saya memulakan dokumentasi sejarah lisan wanita sosialis berhaluan kiri ( gerakan pelajar, buruh dan parti sosialis) yang berkecimpung di dalam perjuangan menegakkan demokrasi terutama pada tahun-tahun 1950 –  1970. Saya terjumpa seorang pejuang wanita yang ulung lagi luar biasa yang telah menjadi sebahagian sejarah anti-penjajah untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan dan itu telah benar2 mencetus pemikiran saya secara mendalam.

Beliau merupakan seorang bekas aktivis pelajar, penyelaras buruh dan juga seorang pemimpin di Parti Komunis Malaya. Beliau serta  ramai pemimpin/kader telah menetap di Ban Chulaborn 12, wilayah Sukhirin selatan Thai selepas persetujuan damai tercapai pada tahun 1989.

Perkara yg membuat beliau sebegitu menerujakan saya adalah pendirian/ perjuangan beliau terhadap pembebasan Malaya dari penjajahan fascis  Jepun dan juga imperialis British.

Perang  pembebasan yang telah mereka lancarkan di dalam hutan bagi membela/membebaskan  Malaya  dari cengkaman penjajahan telah berlarutan bertahun-tahun demi pembebasan rakyat dari kezaliman pihak penjajah.

Secara rasminya,  catatan  sejarah Malaysia dan  penjajah British telah  mencatatkan perjuangan ini sebagai sebuah ‘keganasan’ dan mendakwa bahawa mereka adalah” pengganas”  yang mahu mengambil alih Malaya.

Yang sebenarnya,  mereka ini adalah rakyat patriotik Malaya dan Singapura  yang telah bangun melancarkan peperangan pembebasan tanah air dari kekecaman penjajahan. Malaya yang telah merdeka hari ini mungkin tidak akan wujud tanpa perang yang telah dilancarkan terhadap penjajah oleh PKM.

Hari ini, 21 Mar 2013, adalah hari pemergiannya arwah  ibu/rakan Suriani Abdullah. Penghormatan tertinggi kami untuk beliau dan juga kepada semua yang telah terlibat, mereka telah memberikan seluruh kehidupan dan nyawa buat kebebasan tanah air ini. ‘Makcik’ – jiwamu sentiasa dengan kami. Semuga roh mu dicucuri. Kami tidak akan sekali-kali melupakan jasa-jasamu – wahai negarawan ibu yang telah mencurahkan kasih dan pengorbanan besar kepada negara tanpa berbelah bagi. Semuga roh mu dicucuri. Sejarah, adalah hakim terbaik buat keadilan.

The passing of  extraordinary  leader of Communist Party Malaya :Suriani Abdullah/’Eng Ming Ching’/应敏钦.: The patriotic daughter and mother of this land:

21 March 2012-Ban Chulabhorn 12 in Sukhirin, southern Thailand.

In year 2002, when I  started to conduct the oral history  documentation of  the socialist left women who were participated in the Democratic struggle especially during the time of 1950-70.

I found and met a very rare, extraordinary female revolutionary fighter figure   that was part of the past  anti colonial independent struggle that deeply strike my mind. She was ex students activists, labour organizer and also the leader of Communist Party Malaya, Suriani Abdullah < in Chinese:  >.She and other CPM leaders/cadre  reside at the  Ban Chulabhorn 12 in Sukhirin, southern Thailand  since after the peace accord in year 1989.

What really make her surprise for me is that her conviction to the  liberation of the nation to free from the Japanese and British Colonial. The wars that they waged in the jungle to defend this land of Malaya for ages for the cause of the nation and people to  be free from cruelty hands of colonizers.

The  Malaysia official state and British colonial history  portrayed this struggle a s “terrorism” and claimed that these are aggressors that wanted to take over Malaya.

As in real, these people of Malaya and  Singapore who  had waged the war in the jungle were the patriotic who defended the land of Malaya and Sigapore from the hands of  colonialistion.

The independent of Malaya may not come even if these wars against colonialisation were not being wage.

Today 21 March 2013, the passing of  Suriani Abdullah – Our deepest salute to her and the rest of them who have given their whole life for the  independent liberation of this nation.

“Makcik” ,Your  spirits will be always  with us. May you rest in peace. We will not forget you –  alike our mother who had nurtured  this  land with your selfless love and sacrifice  May you rest in peace and history is the best judgments in the truth of justice.

Ps: More URL about their struggle and life at southern Thailand:

About Suriani Abdulla and Regime 10:


Positive mind for change

October 25, 2012

The most danger thing in any struggle for justice
Is jealousy and making false statements against each other
Due to judgmental mind, fears, envy and misinformed
Sometimes, we are unaware those spoken words become the powerful forces to destroy our unity .
Without a positive, forgiveness, understanding and compassion mind
There is no struggle against injustice will success
Because we are not only being oppressed externally
Yet also imprisoned by negative thoughts
How can people who embrace negative mind can build a humanity and just society?