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Emotion liberation

October 1, 2016

Lately attended the teaching of Tsokyi Rinpoche.
Very deep reflection on his teaching about dealing with our emotions. The important of be friend and hand shake with our emotions in our life and more in our practice.
He had reminded us to realise that the mind liberation need the absolute emotional liberation in the same-time.
or else, we will not able to realise the true nature of our mind.

we need to feel our feelings and hand shake with them. watch them, feel them.acknowledge them and let them be. slowly they will not control over us

to attach or reject them all will cause sufferings.just let it be. it will comes and go by itself. To realise that they are empty in essence

to clear negative emotions is very fundamental in realising our mind nature
one way is also the clear the blockages in our nadi or subtle body.
this blockages will invoke our habitual emotions and created constant distorted truth and emotions in our mind and our hearts when we had encountered something cause us great pains in the past.

so my birthday wish today is may all be free from their monsters in their hearts, be healed, be ease.
may wisdom arise and arise and never stop.
till we all find that the complete liberation.