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Arya Nagarjuna: The Middle Way

August 20, 2009
Arya Nagarjuna

Arya Nagarjuna

Arya Nagarjuna is often called as The Second Buddha, Arya [noble] Nagarjuna (2nd century CE) was from a wealthy South Indian Brahmin family. He is considered a terton (hidden-text revealer) as well as a philosopher

He is best known for his explanation of the term shunyata (Emptiness, or Open-ness)Nagarjuna wrote extensively, and his teachings resulted in the formation of an Indian school called Madhyamika or the “Middle Way School.”

The best quote that taught by Arya Nagajurna that i like the most:

“Whoever is born has to die; whoever are together have to separate; whatever is saved has to be used; whatever is created is impermanent. So do not be upset over these laws of nature.”

For Nagarjuna, emptiness should not be interpreted ontologically, but rather in the way of the parable of the raft: The Buddhist teaching (especially shunyata), is like the raft one constructs for the crossing of a river. Once the river is crossed, the purpose of the raft has been served. It may now be discarded

The same is true of emptiness: it should not be held on to; one who does hold on to it will have trouble functioning in life. In this sense, emptiness could also be compared to a laxative: once the obstruction has passed, there is no need to continue taking it.



Mederka month : Month of Mourning : The Loss of Freedom and Democracy for Malaysian!

August 14, 2009

It must be big nightmares’ for some people after realizing the busy traffic/ hit and heated discourse on the history blog of the 10 th Regiment of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) since it was launched on the end April 2009.

Therefore to end these nightmares’ kept haunting their minds and wishes to dismiss all other historical facts , the blog : need to be “detained” with “detention without trial” and never able to be published anymore. The moderator of the blog, Pak Amin is no more able to open its own blog and the blog was basically successfully being sabotaged by the unknown people, who must had been sick of mental disturbance illness since the last 3 months. Now, another new blog is being set up to continue sharing the other side of the Malaysian history. Visit:

This website has been actively visited by many young people, especially the Malay and other non Malay young people, who took the interest to debate and sharing their views on the Malaysia left movement, the history of independence struggle , our history text book and also the myth of racial politics. Almost hit the numbers of 100,000 within 3 months!

Imagining the young people in this nation are making their voices being heard and reflecting the past ,present and future. They may not agreed the ideology of CPM, but yet they are wiling to share their views and criticism .Amazing!

The tragedy of sabotaging the blog infect alike the use of ISA- Internal Security Acts alias Ikut Suka Aku version. In this modern society, we should embrace the rights of expressing different points of views .Somehow, maybe Malaysia or Malaysian has been living in a very limited space of freedom of expression and rejoicing diversities. Therefore, we indeed have great difficulties to embrace freedom and respecting other views. This sabotage was infect shall not be regards as something surprising !

Another Tragedy was IF the sabotage was intentionally done in this month of August which the nation is going to celebrate the 52 th national independence day. How can we claim Malaysia has gained freedom from colonialisation? After all, we also “colonialise” others to express their views and other sides of historical facts?

This is not a Mederka month, it is the month of mourning –loss of freedom and democracy of Malaysian !

The Universal Value of Happiness

August 13, 2009

heart candles

Today when i listened to a Chinese radio program, there was an interesting session : the short Quaran teaching reading session.
Infect i was not aware that only after the DJ finished her reading of the Quran text.

The text mentioned:
-Whar is happiness?
-Can we can gain long lasting inner happiness depending on the external elements such as wealth, power,names and desiries etc ?

-No, we only can gain the true inner happiness only base on the nature of our inner heart. The long lasting happiness will only remain when the heart is filled with compassion! Not gain through external elements.

After hearing this text, the DJ said, thanks you for listening the Quran text of today!

I was infect shocked! Oh! i thought it was the teachings of buddhist. (hahahha, the ignorance of me).

Indeed, the universal value of all religions are infect the same. Only we human being like to make the diffrences and claim our beliefs are the most beutiful and the only absolute Truth! Today again, this DJ reading of the Quram text again reminded me.

13 August 2009

Engaged Buddhism and experiences in SEA countries:

August 3, 2009
The late Buddhadasa Bhikkhu from Wat Suan Mokh,Thailand:

The late Buddhadasa Bhikkhu from Wat Suan Mokh,Thailand:




Is Buddhism against politics? Political engagement?
Is Buddhist should be away from politics?
Is politics only about participating/supporting the political parties and the leaders? Or voting during elections?
Is sangha always away and not engage with politics?
Is Buddhism a political or religion movement?
Politics has nothing to do for our enlightenment , so be away from it?
We need to be reach enlightenment first, then only can save others?

An activist friend of mine who is Buddhist from Hong Kong sent me these Chinese languages links that had published some great articles in response to those above issue of Politics/Buddhism and also Engaged Buddhism in SEA and China. But it is written in Chinese languages by the Chinese scholars and writers.

Here are those interesting articles to read, if you are interested to read & reflect on this matters.
Engaged Buhhism – include the experience of Engaged Buddhism in Southeast Asia countries.
The Chinese monk experience & radical view

Engaged Buddhism: The sangha is above the king

For those who are keen to learn more the activities and articles published by the 20 years old : International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB). You may visit their website and read:

Good one:
Buddhist Values for the Righteous Politics.

From “Socially Engaged Buddhism for the New Millennium” : Essays in honor of the Ven. Phra Dhammapitaka (Bhikkhu P.A.Payutto) On his 60the virthday anniversary page 54-65

3 August 2009

“The true refuge place is located within our mind/heart!”- To the ignorance political leaders of this nation.

August 3, 2009

210602_99_824_the_blue skytibetLately some Buddhist friends forwarded me some of the appeal emails for Teoh Beng Hock’s case. They were very sad and angry about the death of Teoh.

Some of my friends called me up and told me about their shocked to read the death of Teoh.
Many of them expressed its deepest disappointment on this country and the way its govern.
There is NO MORE HOPE in this country.

Some strangers I met while I was having my meal at the vegetarian restaurant kept discussing the death of Teoh. Feeling of empathy and disgusted towards the MACC was so clear expressed.

Some even kept forwarding the video that was uploaded in one of the blog which seem to be link to be scene of MACC and how Teoh was beaten up. The scary thing is people truly believe this was what happening to Teoh. That’s why they kept forwarding such video clip.

On the 1 August 2009, almost 20,000 people who gathered peacefully in Kuala Lumpur were brutally attacked by the polices. 75 times tear gas and acid water shot towards these people, included old people, disabled and children who were there to rally the call for repeal of draconian detention without trial act: ISA .The chaos happened in KL cities was created by the BN rule government and the police due to their fascist attitude of against the basic rights of the freedom of expression and assembly. This universal human rights principle is totally not something this fascist regime can understand at all. The heavy handed & violence suppression actions towards the dissident voices was the only method of this fascist regime know to deal with! So sad, is not it ? In this new era of Malaysian political leaders of this country who had studied abroad, and even sending their own kids to oversee enjoyed the freedom of expression, assembly abroad. But their own citizens are not qualified and capable to enjoy this rights! And, the police role downgraded into the attackers to the peacefully assembly people, instead of assisting the peaceful rally to be organized smoothly in the city. Even country like Thailand who Malaysian think a chaos country also has enjoyed the freedom of assembly/expression relatively better then Malaysia.

After nearly over 3 months of Najib become the new premier, the BN government ‘s record on good governance and respecting basic human rights of its citizen has even worsening ! Some people said, maybe he can soon match the previous 20 years rule fascist rule Dr Mahathir Mohamad. For us, who were fought so badly to defend our rights during DR M ‘s rule will definably not forgetting all those brutality acts of the past. Infect from the day that Najib appointed to be the new premier , some has predicted : Life will be more tougher soon. We soon back to dark age of Dr M!

It is irony to see the new generation of political leaders as such going to govern the nation for us in the coming years. Many complaint.

Their mind ignorance & deep clinging to power has blinded them badly. No matter what people have told them. They cannot let go.

It is bad infect, they kept making these bad deeds and .when their karma is ripening, they have to bear it . No matter what prayers you had make, either go to church, temples and mosques,
100 times of tours to Mecca to clear the sins & confessions.

Once I was told by a Tibetan rinpoche in his talk in kl last May 2009, he said :“It is not a shame to make a mistake. It is indeed a shame that those who had make mistake but yet cannot let go its ego and kept refused to recognize it/confess & repeating the mistake.”

Therefore true confession can only come with true honest inner realization and change in our own heart/ mind/actions. Not by making propaganda and also making donations to monk/temples or prayers at Mecca.

These external efforts will be in vain if we don’t transforms and clear our own ignorance minds. These are my deep advise to those leaders who claimed to be Buddhists and Muslim in the ruling parties. Your confession inside your heart is the best temple and holly Mecca place to take refuge. Not your lips service.

!Infect, the fundamental way to clear the true sin can only be purify, infect only by our inner deep honest confession and act to correct it. If our own hearts are not move by it own calls, who else can feel it?

Infect, we no need to be any faith believers to realize this and do it.

No need travel so far to the holly places to do this. The most holy place in this unversed is located inside our own mind/heart!

3 August 2009
Kuala Lumpur