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True happiness: from within

July 27, 2013


The truth of happiness is being able to be a happy person, before we are thinking that make other happy or other make us happy.

A person who is seeking happiness from other will be never able truly happy, it is because most people are thinking their own happiness and needs, not others.

Till we are able start to be able happy and self content, then we are fit to love and make other happy and others able to share love and happiness to us.

Our own happiness come from within us,not from outside.


Nurturing partnership

July 25, 2013


Good life partner will bring out the best of you
Assist each other to overcome flaws and challenges together

Bad partner is always concern how their needs and expectations are met
Instead of nurture each other with selfless love
Yet,its only base on needs and ego clinging base love


July 25, 2013

sun rise

Connections is alike the meeting of sky and earth.
It is always there, only we are not able to recognize it or time is not ripening.
Good connections always bring joy,learning points and contentment.
Bad connections always give us the material to use it for mending mistakes,faults and establish good connections again in this moment.

true love

July 22, 2013


True love has no form,no name, no conditions, only embrace existence as is it….

dream of life-

July 22, 2013

When you are watching a film, people in it appear to be really fighting battles, loving each other, and so forth, but none of these things are actually happening. It is all just fantasy. Try to see as dream of life-

Unity of love

July 14, 2013


when two souls found each other as identical, this is the universe of love

Open Heart

July 14, 2013

images open heart

take the heart be open to all possibility. expect nothing, you will be able an open heart. let the right one comes in and wrong one refuse you