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“Dharma: the protector of our Mind”- Yangsi Khyentse Rinpoche

October 31, 2010


Dilgo Khyentse Rnpoche (Source: photo:

Dilgo Khyentse Rnpoche (Source: photo:



It is the great fortune for many of us in Malaysia were able to connect with  Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche who came here 28,29 and 30 October 2010. This is part of his world tour to celebrate the Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinipoche Centenary Celebrations.

It was indeed a very touching moment to be able to meet him in person this life. Even though was not able to connect with his previous past. The public teaching of “Good Heart Lineage” was presented by Yangsi Khyentse Rinpoche. The simple, short and direct teachings indeed deeply touched my heart. By no doubt that Rinpoche is indeed a truly high realized master that beyond the words that we can explain, but we could deeply felt it.

For the fisrt time when I was able to read published books of Dilgo Khyentse Rnipoche, I was actually first deeply attracted by his photos- someone who naturally contains the deep wide compassion expression that cannot make you not being felt deeply the present of compassion. The borderless compassion and wisdom deeply manifested from his expression. Later when I read all his books, I realized that it was no doubt that he was indeed a high realized master that what we can have no doubt refer as one of the example of perfect teacher. This quality is vividly manifested again with Yangsi Khyentse Rinpoche.

Here are some key points of Yangsi Khyentse Rinpoche..teaching of “Good Heart Lineage” that I could manage to remember. By no doubt there were more key points that I was not able to record: (note taken on the 29 Oct 2010, Kuala Lumpur)

– If you summarize all the Buddha dharma teachings in one word The key is Compassion. Being able to be compassion and loving kindness to all sentient beings is the key essences .
– The motivation in our mind is very crucial. If our motivation is good, our fruition and path can truly liberate all sentient beings.
– If we practice the mind with poison thoughts, it is alike we kiss the shark. The end, we will kill by ourselves..
– All sentient beings are living in the circles of sufferings, as we always hope for happiness and fears of sufferings.
– In fact, if we only look for our own happiness, we will be suffering eventually.
We are only able to experience true happiness when we have the motivation to relief the sufferings of all sentient beings to be able gain happiness.

– Actually, the worst dictatorship is our mind. The most kindness one is also our mind. Therefore, it is important that we need to keep our mind to be kind and practice boddhicita.

-It is important to protect our mind. The most important tis control of our mind. Dharma is the best protector to our mind in order our mind will not be poison by bad thoughts. Therefore, dharma is the protector of our mind. Keep this always in your mind!

For more information of the Celebrating the return! -to celebrate the Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinipoche Centenary Celebrations

Teachings  note of Good Heart     Lineage  in America- can be also  found in the mentioned weblink : page  4


Circle of Sufferings

October 15, 2010


The circle of sufferings:

What is the most sufferings in life?

Clinging to the past, cannot let go. Thinking the previous fame, possession, keep looking at the past…..

Doesn’t realize even this moment is still a “momentary” nature, soon it be over soon..

Keep wishing, hoping and desires to get more and more; be name, fames, power. wealth, self glorify. chasing endless desires

End up:, we get what we don’t want. And we cannot get what we want ;),
Life turn to despair!

The best love of mothers can give to their chidden

Many of my friends who are mothers of kids

They asked me, what can I give the best to my kids. I am so worry they will not have good life.

I quoted what my master told us:” plant the seeds of Buddha dharma in their mind. This is the best protection to their mind and life.”

You can give your kids the best world class education, cloths, food, house, smartness IQ, become the famous figures in society— yet, they may not can benefit the societym, if their mind stream is planted with ambitious, self clinging, greediness-they only cause harm to others  and themselves.

Being truthful

October 10, 2010

between the sweet words and good appearance of cosmetic outlook
And, the honest, frank and transparency way of expression and life attitude..

Which one we will choose to be ourselves?

The choice of decision is always up to you to decide:
Whether want to be a honest and trust worthy person to yourself

Quality of our mind:

We are always being told that quality of life is so crucial…..

So, we are busy on making ourselves to get richer, good house, car, career, food, and hobby etc

Yet we neglect the quality of our inner mind… our mind remains to fluctuate along the
Sea of desires, negative emotions, attachment and ignorance… yet we think we have a good quality of life outwardly is the most crucial one.

“ No Prison Wall Can Stop Our Vows “-Liu Xiao Bo (The Chinese imprisoned dissidents –the winner of Nobel Peace Prize year 2010) said in the year 2007

October 9, 2010



Today Hong Kong newspaper reported the statement that make by Liu Xiao Bo (The Chinese imprisoned dissidents –the winner of Nobel peace prize year 2010) said in the year 2007:

“I personally think that if you are living in a dictatorship regime run country, you need to be always prepared to be imprisonment. If you are honest to yourself and to the cause you claim: to struggle and uphold the human rights and freedom of expression.”

These are the vows that he and other Chinese civil political rights defenders have committed. Therefore, imprisonment is not something to be regretted.

- On the 10 Oct 2010, Liu Xiao Bo was allowed to meet his wife, Liu Xia. He told her in tears that he was dedicating the award to victims of the 1989 military crackdown pro-democracy protestors!

Solute to our friend Liu Xiao Bo.
We know that your imprisonment has great meanings for the progress of struggle inside China, Prison wall cannot stop a true honest freedom fighter to stop their struggle!

More about his news:
Imprisonment in labor camp for his role in the Tiananmen uprising/ Supporting ‘Tiananmen Mothers-Charter 08- till still again imprisonment in Jinzhou- Obviously, the prison wall cannot never Stop a true freedom fighter to continue their mission! Solute to our friend Liu Xia oBo!
Read Here:

Jailed Chinese dissident wins 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

Charter 08 for reform and democracy in China

Deep love

October 6, 2010

her expression with deepest love in her heart- manifested the expression when someone heart is truely filled with deep love :)…a quiet one but deep..even unnotice by her love one…. Deep love has without any expectations….


October 4, 2010
Hanoi (Source: Siew Kook)

Hanoi (Source: Siew Kook)







Nice quotation about wisdom of silence :)..
such a nice write up!

Thoughts of the day

October 4, 2010

3 noble TRUTH:

1) We never die because we have crisis in life.
Those who know how to turn crisis to opportunity, is the winner!
This is so true!J!

2) Those who tried to lie 100 times, the end they will face difficulties
In making people trust them, even they are no more lying – they created their own obstacles. This is even more true.

3) Those who pretend concern of other people well-being yet for their own benefits, the end they always fail in what they do. This is an absolute TRUTH, because the karma is ripening fast!

Insanity of dreaming mind:
Today, I saw a young man who seems to be having mental disorder problem
He was so happy and carried all the rubbished he collected from somewhere.
He walked on the street and talked to him self-very loudly as though they are many people heard his speech.
He totally living in his illusion world

In real life, we can see also many people who also living in their Dream make world-Dreaming about their greatness in making good things to struggle and society.

The really talk, behave alike this insane man…living in their world of illusionary of desires, greed and ego clinging!

May all sentient beings able to be liberated from the illusionary mind…….free them
from harming others and themselves.