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spiritual perfection

September 30, 2011


Its manifest the the state of spiritual perfection and total mental purity (bodhi).

May we able to live up our heart/mind
Alike the lotus
Grow and stand above all the muddy water yet not being polluted



September 23, 2011

First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.

Every day we do things, we are things that have to do with peace. If we are aware of our life…, our way of looking at things, we will know how to make peace right in the moment, we are alive.

Thich Nhat Hanh


September 23, 2011

Sisters, Treat your lifes every moments is another rebirth….clinging to past,to hurt, to pains,to lost, to memores will bring you only inner stagnancy.Head up -the path of hapiness awaiting you to venture!


September 23, 2011

Just as fog is dispelled by the strength of the sun

and is dispelled no other way,

preconception is cleared by the strength of realization.

There’s no other way of clearing preconceptions.

Experience them as baseless dreams.

Experience them as ephemeral bubbles.

Experience them as insubstantial rainbows.

Experience them as indivisible space.

borderless love

September 18, 2011

This light
Alike the wisdom
Clear away all the confusion and ignorance

May I offer to you
May your path clear from confusion and ignorance
Free from dualistic mind
Wisdom dawn

This is the offerings
The borderless love
Across the ocean
As vase as universe

May you realise
The true nature of your mind
Alike the universe
Alike the ocean

19 sept 2011
Kuala Lumpur

Aspiration of my birth-day

September 18, 2011

Buddha of The three times, Guru Rinpoche
Lord of all siddhis, Great Bliss
Dispeller of all obstacles Wrathful Tamer of Mara
I supplicate you, bestow your blessings
Pacify the outer , inner and secret obstacles
And grant the blessing to spontaneously fulfill all wishes

May my mind turn to Dharma
My Dharma practice become the path
The path clear the obscurations and obstacles
Free from dualistic mind and ignorance
Confusion clear
Wisdom arise
May I realize the true nature of my mind

17 September 2011 (20 August Chinese lunar calender)
Kuala Lumpur

essence of life

September 12, 2011

When we born
Alike the cloud appearing on the sky

When we are passing away
Alike the cloud disappearing on the sky

We come with empty hand
We leave with empty hand

(the zen teachings from a Korean Buddhist master)


September 11, 2011
emptiness_zen caligraphy

emptiness_zen caligraphy

In one of the sociology class during my university time, our professor taught us the impact of capitalism on the alienation of humanity/human.

The more I live this life day to day.i couldn’t disagreed with this theory.

How we ourselves are degenerating as human being- we lost our basics consciences – regardless of class, gender, ethnic, nationality and even religions etc – we tend towards this degeration.

For our “self” interest- we could do many things that lie and harm to others, yet we think it is the right things to do. We are not “fearful” of karma, we are not fearful the impacts. WE ONLY FEARS OF LOSSING WHAT WE OWN AND CHASING TOWARDS WHAT WE WANT.

Hell and Heaven

September 11, 2011

stupa_ladakh, india (phot by chong siew kook, sept 2011)

stupa_ladakh, india (phot by chong siew kook, sept 2011)

For many people Tibet or area like Ladakh, north of India is alike the hell…so hard to live..

Yet, the Tibetan have make their home/land like heaven– many enlightened beings emerged in this land- the hard living environments become the cause of their realization. Yet, some people live in heaven like environment- too much drown into the worldly desires chasing and attachment. ended up suffering with desires, attachment and fears,:)..what is heaven? what is hell? 🙂

here is heaven. here is hell. here is no heaven, here is no hell :)))…it is you who make the heaven and hell appearing as existences

Fallacy of Illusion

September 11, 2011
sky-Ladakh, India (Photo by: Chong Siew Kook,Sept 2011)

sky-Ladakh, India (Photo by: Chong Siew Kook,Sept 2011)

The moment the lie is revealed
The moment of the joy arise

As you may realize
Being able to perceive truth and lie
Is another matter of letting go

Is another matter of realizing sufferings of sentient beings
Who have to live life in a mirror of fallacy
Fallacy of illusion