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Lonely travelers on earth

July 29, 2010

Don’t ask me who am i….

Why I come into your life….

I am just a woman who embrace the insanity…

Insanity of seeking ultimate liberation…

To be liberated from long imprisonment of soul & confuse mind….

Be past life

Be this life

We are always the lonely travelers on this earth…..

We cannot accumulate and leave nothing to this earth

We only waiting time comes for us

to check out from this human form body

Alike a traveler who need to check out from guest house…

Again another travel  ,we will be embark ahead

So, don’t ask me who am I

 Why I come into your life….

No matter what had happened in our past life times….

This life …

We are still the travelers on this earth

We meet and depart again …….


An injury to one is an injury to all: The injury of democracy in Thailand is the business of ASEAN peoples.

July 5, 2010
Social activist Sombat Boon-ngamanong - Another activist arrested from political activity in Bangkok-28/june/2010

Social activist Sombat Boon-ngamanong - Another activist arrested from political activity in Bangkok-28/june/2010

 If we observe the mainstream media reports in Thailand , it seems to be the red movement belongs to  Thaksin’ s business. Anyone who participated in the protest, express their views of disagreement with the current ruling regime, monarchy and military, all of them are “RED” and ONLY for Thaksin’s interest.

However, the movement infect has been escalated towards people struggle against military dictatorship rule and democracy.

Why? Why it is long ago no more the Thaksin;s business?

It is because the ruling regimes has not been able to prove their sincerity in upholding democracy and respect human rights since they illegally took over the  ruling power via military and monarchy back up. Thaksin is eventually turned into their excuse to expand their plan of grabbing and destroying the hard won  people democratic struggle since year  1996 and even many earlier democracy uprising. All people democracy struggles in Thailand , always came with sacrificed of many  innocent life and their bloods spread all over the streets of Bangkok and county. Th deep spirits of struggle in upholding  true people democracy is always inherited generation to generation ,alike the blood connection that has been passed on from the mother to their children.

Therefore, the struggle for democracy in the history of so many uprising is always not for the sake of individual interest. And, people from all walk of life are the life witness and active participation of the maker of the democracy.

Many people from common civilians, media workers, social workers and etc had been part of it in their own spaces and roles.  Many who participated in the red protests may not hold the same political ideologies. However, there is a common vision that drive this struggle together, which is struggle against military dictatorship back ruling class, military intervention   and also  the return of true democracy via election process.

This is the biggest demands among the protestors rather then the interest and asking for returning of Thaksin. Therefore, the red movement is only struggling for Thaksin’s  interest is a fast illusion that projected by the current ruling regime in order to confuse the minds of the Thai society, social movement,including international community.

It can be easily proven that the suppression towards the protest in the 15  May 2010 till today, the measure towards destroying democracy and human rights is greater than effort to preserve it. The acts of creating fears by using  abusive acts /measures to silence the descendent voices. In addition.  also  develop cosmetic reconciliation plans by inviting  those compromise figures and organizations be part of it. Instead, the state should  has the peace talk with the dissidents organizations. Why the state refuse to conduct sincere peace talks to these organizations? 

Therefore, the use of and extension of  emergency decree in Thailand now, it is only a tool to suppress human rights and democracy, rather than to reconcile the political crisis or achieve peace solution with the concerned parties.

Besides this, many reports has showed that increasing people who are expressing their views on the cyber space/blog etc are being penalized with various charges. The increasing numbers of people are being  interrogated and  charged  under the Les Majesty The charge that consider high degree crime  related to cases “insulting” the monarchy. Also, the closure of the many alternative and community base run media all over Thailand now.

Therefore, the situation has been worsening and cause deepest fears to those expressed their views on the political situation. Many of them are individual who are concerned citizens who have no background or related to any social political movement.

These group of people are facing the greatest exposure to be victimsed by the state , as they can be fears and used as the “lessons” to learn by other Thais who dare to speak and act. These people are the reflection of  individual rights of freedom of expression can be denied.

In this context, international community, ASEAN community and Malaysia need to be aware that the damage that can be caused by this Fears and abuse actions of the fascist state of Thailand now . This eventually can cause deep damage on the path of democracy development in by victimized the common citizens. Once the deep fears are beings instilled and effect, Thailand will be forever ruled by military and the fake democracy party rule government.

Among ASEAN countries, Thailand has been one of the good /higher standard /examples of democracy: freedom of expression,cvil political righsts etc. If today we agree with this military back undemocratic facist rule Thai government, the ASEAN govermets and leaders will be in  great happy to annouce the lowest standard is acceptable in this region, as thailand is no more a good example. :). It will be a proof that  our goverments will tell us again – too much democracy and human rights will cause “terrorism”, chaos, economy crsis to the nation.

Therefore ,Crisis of democacy raisis in Thailand is not ony the Thai people business, it is also the ASEAN people business!- our business to protect and defend the best standard of democracy ans human rights in this region. it is not for  the sake of  Thaksin for sure. It is definitely also for the interest of protecting our own democracy in this region.

We should lend our solidarity with broader understanding and compassion.

Lets recall : An injury to one is an injury to all is a motto popularly used by the Industrial Workers of the World”