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May 31, 2012

Wash the dust from your Soul
and Heart with wisdom’s water.



May 31, 2012

Desires has a characteristic : Even though we feel that desires have been fed. However, its continue coming ,endless. Even the temptation of desires become even stronger and stronger.
Those who are dwelling into this trap of endless craving of desires. they will be alike a person who are drinking the sea water, the more they drink, they are more thirsty

HH Dalai Lama

By 臺北市藏傳佛典協會(TTS)




May 31, 2012

I looked in temples, churches, & mosques.
But I found the Divine within my heart.

break away

May 31, 2012

No matter how we try to erase or re write what happened in the past. Yet it was over

However, the present is the only possible for us to rewrite and chart the direction of the next destiny

The same as karma – it was over and yet up to us now what type of karmic pattern we draw again in this moment…….to prolong old pattern? or to liberate from the chains?

garden of love

May 30, 2012

after wake up from a long sleep and dream
finally i found this amazing garden of love
so nice  being awake!


May 30, 2012

Being light, you send light and your light naturally arrives where is needed.

Free from imprisonment

May 30, 2012

Sometimes it is the best blessings is to leave the one that we are dearly love

It is important that to be depart, so we can pave the path of our life more fullness way

If to be together only cause distress and sufferings

In real all of us are only the passengers of this earth
As we born and passing away – leave no trace on this earth

Bodhicitta Home

May 30, 2012

A home for those  souls are lost and in search of love, truth and peace

A home for those who need to seek refuge

I name my home as Bodhicitta  home since a year ago

Indeed many things  happened and many people came

Those hearts need to be healed

Those who are   searching for refuge

This home has nothing for their comfort outerly

Its only can offer  a space for those who are keen to enter into their own inner self – to find their  ultimate home of their minds and souls.

May they can finally find their ultimate happiness and peace in life.

This home has  also guided me into the ultimate path of Bodhisattva – which embrace selfless love and impartial compassion

28 May 2012


May 30, 2012

Silence :
The beautiful moment of life

Journey of exile

May 30, 2012

We met in this long journey of exile

Many moments of our current life
we met again
so to continue this long journey of exile

This journey of exile
alike the path to heaven
seems unreachable yet desirable
as its the ultimate destiny of the souls
who find their final refuge