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Common Problem of the “Buddhists”

October 26, 2013

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Common Problem of the “Buddhists” :
They claimed to understand the nature of samsara
Yet cling to nirvana and reject samsara
When they saw imperfection in samsara, they despair
When they enjoy happiness in samsara, they over joy and cling
Yet, the nirvana and samsara manifested in our own minds and we cannot see it clearly



October 26, 2013


the blessings

October 25, 2013

when we are in deep crisis and obstacles. we realized how beautiful this world is.

we suddenly realized that many strange happenings and people happened to us when we need support- surprises come to us

The most surprise is those we don’t even expect and even have “negative” perceptions earlier, all of them come forward and extend love, care and support. therefore we never judge. only time will proof.

we shall not too trusting our “perceptions” on people and happenings. Most time self illusion/ interpreting of people and happenings that are base on our emotions is actually fake.

Inner awareness : the ultimate light clearing confusion

October 25, 2013


we need not to be a Buddhist or any faith believers
but something we must need is the clear awarenessthis clear awareness deep within our mind is the ultimate light
guide us away from the wrong doings, wrong thoughts that lead to harm others and ourselves

make us not drown into negative views that lead us dwelling in the circles of suffering in life

make the society and world not dwelling into the circle of sufferings due to human negative thoughts and emotions

humanity, peace, justice on earth today need the revival of inner awareness of each living on earth
the “human consciences” is the foundation of inner awareness

If you have confusion when you witness the wrong paths or practice of any faiths institutions and those who subscribe to paths , yet away from this awareness.

send them the lights of your awareness to clear away their darkness of wrong views and back to their inner awareness.