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Malaysia Comfort woman, 79, talks about her past

May 30, 2009
map:height of Japanese Empire in 1942. Comfort Women were taken from anywhere in red by kidnapping, or coercion(lied to) and shipped to anywhere in red. (

map:height of Japanese Empire in 1942. Comfort Women were taken from anywhere in red by kidnapping, or coercion(lied to) and shipped to anywhere in red. (

Thanks to an old Japenese friend,Risa, who kindly sent me this piece of old writting in the New Straits Times.
May this story remind us this unheard and unrecognised voices of ex comfort woman in Malaysia.

May more voices of the ex comfort women can be heard and the government of Malaysia able to listen to them instead of remaiing silence…….

Trinley Chodron
30 May 2009

Source from:Factive database,Australian National University.

Written by
Factiva Dow Jones

Malaysia Comfort woman, 79, talks about her past
176 語
1994 年 11 月 16 日
New Straits Times

(c) 1994 Singapore Press Holdings Limited

A 79-YEAR-OLD Penang woman has broken her silence about the years she spent as a sex slave during the Japanese Occupation.

Madam Rosalind Saw told The Star newspaper that she had been keeping the fro m her children for 54 years for fear of what they would think of her.

But she decided to tell her story now as she feared of dying alone and “no one would ever know what had happened to me”.

Madam Saw, who lives alone in a low-cost flat in Penang, said that she was then 25 and was a divorcee with two
children when the nightmare began.

She said the invading Japanese soldiers were filthy and drunk most of the time. “You cannot imagine our
humiliation at their hands. Often we would be beaten savagely.”

Her nightmare at the comfort house ended when she found herself pregnant – a reason for her to escape.

In 1945, she gave birth to a girl, who is now married and lives in Britain.

文書 STIMES0020050711dqbg04gz8
More news stories can be read at:
INVASION OF MALAYA: Sexual slavery in wartime KL

INVASION OF MALAYA: Tragic tale of a Malayan comfort woman

The cover of a book by George Hicks (left) which says that the Imperial Japanese Army kept over 100,000 comfort women during World War 2, and George C.C. Yong (right) who says Madam X sought compensation from the Japanese Government because she needed money for medical treatment. (

The cover of a book by George Hicks (left) which says that the Imperial Japanese Army kept over 100,000 comfort women during World War 2, and George C.C. Yong (right) who says Madam X sought compensation from the Japanese Government because she needed money for medical treatment. (

INVASION OF MALAYA: One man’s fight against Japan’s historical amnesia


Our Honorable Malaysian Ministers: Remembering the Missing Justice for Former Comfort Women !!

May 30, 2009

A Drawing did  by a ex comfort woman from south korea (

A Drawing did by a ex comfort woman from south korea (

Ex comfort women protestig to seek justice! (

Ex comfort women protestig to seek justice! (


In the last few days front-page of the key pro ruling parties mass media widely broadcasted all the anti communist-terrorist news.
Old stories of ex armies and polices were tortured and killed by terrorist Communalist Party of Malaya.

All types of testimonies were given, even some opposition parties’ leaders also responded in the same way stated similar distorted statement. Calling Ching Peng to return Malaysia if you can abandon Communism.

Maybe all these “patriotic” ruling regimes and opposition parties leaders shall also calling those western power of today to abandon their neo colonialism ideology who only come to exploit our natural resources and cheap labor similar as last century, ask these super power and its investors to abandon their neo colonialism mentality before they can invest in Malaysia! Why double standard towards our own people?
Just because others are rich, powerful and whiter skin then us?
Oh! this is disgusting!!

More Disgusting is most of these male politicians, they totally ignore the deep sufferings also endured by those ex comfort women who were raped and forced to be sex slave during the Japanese occupations period in Malaysia. These women originated from all races, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang asli and more, Their voices has never been heard and told, needless to say to claim the justice for them, Even the government of today tried to disregard this history fact and truth. Some Japanese women activists cum academician once had told me that in their documentation and interview in Malaysia, there were also Malay Muslim women being forced into this cruelty forced sex service as comfort women. We always think that only the Chinese women to be the main target of this cruelty treatment of the past. There is already a solidarity network of Japanese women groups who have been campaigning for the ex comforts women in SEA, North/South Korea , China etc countries that were occupied by Japanese armies. The network had done documentation record of Malaysia comfort women stories. If our ministers and pro ruling power mass media is keen to uphold the justice of war victim, I guess they shall take a copy of it and contemplate seriously.

The fact is whether you like it or not, most of the anti Japanese and colonial power in the last centuries during world war II were mostly led by the nationalists who mostly were communists, as the most dominance and powerful forces.

Far from the east to the west, from Latin America to Asia. You like it or not,
It is the fact that Malaysian government cannot simply change it.

Maybe they should learn more from the Dutch government, who has set up a very good collection of the social history of the world, including Asia. (Institute of Social History:(read:: Dutch, as one of the key imperialist power in the last centuries has the amazing reflection of its past, recognition of what crimes they did to those countries that they colonized. In most of their achieve, you may find that mostly are the
Anti colonialism left leaning movement stories , including in Asia.

So, the Dutch colonial master of the past century, can confess its mistake in the past, honestly recording the past without bias mind, why Malaysia government cannot accept the undisputed truth of the history of our past struggle?

The world crimes of sexual violence that were committed against women is less significant than those ex armies an polices who were killed and injured??

The Testimony of Rosalind: the former gcomfort womanh in Malaysia
Directed by TOKUNAGA Risa/2000/9min@@šAvailable in English titleš
Rosalind in Penang Island testified her about 3 years horrendous experience as a “comfort woman” in Malaysia. She is the first woman to appear in her true name. She was pregnant with child of one of the Japanese army and gave birth to the child.
( source:

“Even today victims are denied redress: there is widespread impunity for these crimes where perpetrators go unpunished and victims are denied any form of reparation. Sexual violence in the form of rape is used as a weapon of war – it is used deliberately to demoralize and destroy the opposition and is used to provide ‘entertainment’ and ‘fuel’ for soldiers as part of the very machinery of war.” –
coded from the appeal letter to Malaysia government issued by Amnesty International, Malaysia – 14 September 2007 (

You may read the appeal letter that issued by Amnesty International, Malaysia.

-More important is, please post/email/fax to our ministers of today to ask them to act on it!!! Act to uphold the justice without any delay!!

May justice prevail for these countless ex comfort women who had endured their unbearable sufferings, inner shame /trauma and silence for almost 60 years !

Justice delay is definitely the most cruelty act can be committed by our government!

Kuala Lumpur
30 May 2009

More information on comfort women, pls read:

Comfort women alike the rubbish can be dumped into dusbin (

Comfort women alike the rubbish can be dumped into dusbin (


Comfort women bodies were buried into big hole, just like throwing any rubbish in China (

Comfort women bodies were buried into big hole, just like throwing any rubbish in China (

Undisputed Truth

May 28, 2009

candle hands


Your face have no fears
You always smiles
No matter what is happening …..

When you start to wear in black
Wave your hand to those try to harm you
Nothing can fears you
Even these evil mind monsters
Who try to demonized you….

Only lie and injustice make you fears
Injustice and lies
Causing pains and sufferings to the nation
Causing distorted views and history of the nation

Nothing indeed more disgusting
Speaking lie to ourselves
Making lies as part of ourselves

Truth will not vanish
Even you try hard to demonized it
Imprisoned it

28 May 2009
Kuala Lumpur
Note: Many political and social activists from the past till today in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and more ended names of the countries I can listed here. So many of them are facing and had faced so much cruel treatments and imprisonment due to their courage mind and actions to speak and act for justice and truth. Their contribution were and are always distorted by those in power – especially the corrupted one -refer as terrorists, demons,
Communists terrorists, power crazy….

However, there is something common in our hearts always.
No matter what label you wish to stick on us, we still strongly believe that
TRUTH will never be vanished or changed even it is being distorted.



“I Love you” or “I love ME” ?

May 24, 2009
The true love alike the blossom love hearts that always bring true happyness into others life…..

The true love alike the blossom love hearts that always bring true happyness into others life…..

What is love? What is true love?

When someone, be your parent, relative, friends, lover, life partner, your community leader, the leaders of the nation tell you : “I love you! I truely love you”.

What is true love ? How someone truly love another beings will conduct their loves?

Some will tell you, how much I had supported you and make you feel comfort!
How much of times, money and love I had spent on you!
How many of sleepless nights I keep thinking and dream about you!
How much of risks and sufferings I have endured in order to save you from the risks…..!

Yes, all these are love!
The kind generous naturally give away all the precious things, time and emotions to someone else…….

I LOVE YOU is something wonderful.

Lately one of the Tibetan Buddhism lama, HH Pakchok Rinpoche raised this matter about “I Love YOU”.
How wonderful indeed when someone is able to love another person with true love.

“What we means true love? “ He stressed again…..

He continue ,
“ True Love embodies elements of generosity, kindness, deep compassionate…. But the most important is the true love with no expectation and self ego clinging!”

Many audiences and disciples of Rinpoche laughed after hearing this!

I laughed, yet with tears !
Tears of realization of the roots of sufferings of ourselves and other sentient beings who are still wandering in the ocean of ignorance….

What is this??

Yes.. True Love is only come with true respect, dignity, freedom – its means with NO EXPECTATION of return and being recognized when you offer your guinea love to someone!

Love with no attachment?
How can it be?

Yes we can.. “Love or hate, all desires that cause attachment, clinging and self grasping , partial one and expectation all cause us self clinging and cause sufferings to ourselves and others”

Most time when we love someone , don’t we EXPECT the same level or love to be returned?

I expect you to love me the same way and the way I want or I love you!
I expect you will appreciate what I had done to you!
I expect you will respect my opinion because you know how much I love and care about you!
I expect ..
I expect,….
So much “expect” infect underneath of “ I love you very much”….

It is not true LOVE!
True love will has no attachment and expectation
Has no clinging of “I”

Many people say : I love you
Infect these people are actually saying : “I love ME- Pakchok Rinpoche concluded and laughed.

True love has no expectation, no attachment and no “I” “ego clinging”….
If people can love another person with such attitude, there will be no quarrel. Especially the couple or lover.

For me, Rinpoche statement is similar can be applied into a bigger level of how a leadership of a nation shall love their citizens and nation.

Whenever I hear the slogan that keeping us all days and nights alert from our New Prime Minister, Najib, lately, who wants to keep telling us: “All Unite for One Malaysia”.. For me, this slogan sound like : I deeply love you all and lets unite to be ONE!

If this slogan is the true manifestation or love declaration of our premier to its citizens and nation. Somehow, I deeply wish that he can realize that the true meanings of “ I Love YOU” – YOU means selfless. Selfless , free from ego and power clinging.

To be able truly respect, granting freedom, uphold the dignity of other being and human fellows without any single expectation.

Don’t get furious when I don’t follow/agree your advises, ideas, policies and ways
Don’t arrest me when I have pointed out and protest on your mistakes, acts of abuses, weakness and shortcoming
Don’t use violence to simply arrest and threw me into jail and being tortured if we are the One family
Don’t steal all the wealth of the nation for Oneself if you truly love us

Yes, One Malaysia !
Yes, I Love you, Malaysia, if it is truly for ALL. Not for One Self.

I love you deeply too……
But I don’t want to loss my dignity, freedom and consciences just simply to be love by you and echo for One Malaysia for Once voice, One opinion like the puppets live under the dictatorship fascists state.

24 May 2009
Johor Bahru


Love that is arising of ego clinging alike the the imprisonement of true love....

Love that is arising of ego clinging alike the the imprisonement of true love....

Speaks the truth: alternative history of Malaysia/Singapore…..

May 21, 2009


Today (21 May 2009) is the 60th years anniversary, the born of Regimen 10, Communist Party Malaya: (Regimen Ke 10,Tentera Pembebasan Nasional Malaya: TPNM) in Kerdau, Termeloh, Pahang, Malaysia.

It was formed during the 21 May 1948 and led by Abdullah CD, who was also the Chairperson of the Communist Party Of Malaya. The members of Rejimen 10 was comprised mostly the Malay nationalities of Malaya and also some from Southern Thailand. These were the patriots who had fought for the national liberation and independence from the British Colonial. Due to tremendous violent suppression from the British colonial, these patriots took arms to resist the colonial occupations for the sake of their deepest love and loyalty to the nation and its people.

Many of Malaysian and Singaporean of today and its official history text book in the school has been given their side of the national independence history. Especially focus on the contribution of the UMNO, MCA and their alliances members. However, the national historical achieve record in the Britain, oversea and the life testimonies of the war time survivors, also those patriots who involved in the anti Japanese and British occupations will tell you “their side of the stories, history” that have never been mentioned or even being distorted in our current official history text book and museum.

You may not agree with the ideology of communism or may not like the arms struggle that waged by them in the past. Or you may just simply think these people from the Communist Party Of Malaya were terrorists. Anyway, whatever you think and perceive, it is fine. The most important is that as the generation of current era, we can have a more open attitude to listen to “the other side of the history” and truth that have not been prevailed. The final judgment is always base on your own wisdom mind to decide it.

A famous Chinese says : “The race who don’t recognize their own true history of its nation, is the race and nation that seriously lacking in reflection and clarity of mind/vision. Its will make them further backward and not progressing “

Hence, lets us take a look and review what is “the other side of the history and stories” from these patriots who had fought for the independence of Malaya/Singapore . They deserved at least recognition of its precious contribution by just letting more son and daughters of this land listening to their voices. To know how much they had scarified their life, being tortured and endured tremendous sufferings due to lost of family and now still in exile outside of Malaysia and Singapore in Southern part of Thailand.

Please Read here:

More Books on the alternative history and oral histoty of the Communist Party of Malaya can be bought via online:
(go to Malaysian studies section)


May 17, 2009

Poems collections base on the life testimonies of a group of Singaporean ISA detainees ( /

“I had never felt a single regret …even I will be imprisoned till the end of my life”
“We had done nothing harm to others, we only struggle for justice, for the welfare of the workers’
“ The only moment I felt guilty only was when I saw the tears of my mother who was crying for the loss of her daughter who is imprisoned without trial “
“My kids keep asking where is daddy? Why the children in the school said my father is a criminal!”
“I am not terrorist, I speak the truth, To speak the truth is the “crime” I had committed? ?”
“Why we live in this world, if we cannot differentiate right/wrong, just/injustice? I never regret to stand up defending the truth”
“To fight for social justice and democracy is a “crime”,? only for the oppressor who scare of the loss of their power”….

These are the voices of thousands of EX ISA political detainees in Malaysia that manifested the deepest Spirits of women and men who have stood up for humanity, social justice, peace and democracy in this motherland. These voices were hardly reported in the main stream mass media and even our history text books.

These people who were always referred as the terrorists communists, racist, Marxist conspiracy, religion fundamentalists etc…. what ever branded names that they were being labeled, the only truth is that these people are infect the victim of the power to be in this nation. The only crime that they had done actually was to speak and stood up for the truth, especially to those in power. Most of them, infect are the most excellent human kind and citizen on the earth who have the essence of bodhisattvas who practice impartial compassionate deep in their heart and courage in their actions especially fearlessness to stand up for the truth in front of injustice .Without these people who hold such courage and honesty, this nation will only be ruined by the power to be that is corrupted and fascists in its nature.

Many of them who I met and know actually had gone though not only merely the loss of their physical freedom in the prison. But the amount of mental and emotional torture was beyond words. Till today, some of them or maybe many of them still couldn’t speak out what actually they had experienced in those detention period .

It was too cruelty to tell other human fellows, how cruelty can be done to another innocence human beings by another person who is also a equal human being! Some of them had experienced all types of psychological problems of anxiety, un trust, hearing sound, insomnia,.. All types of traumatic effects. Some even endured sufferings of relationship and family breakdown, the rejection of family towards them, all these very personal effect was infect so much damaging towards them.

Yesterday when I was hearing the life testimonies and poem of the Singaporean ex ISA detainees in the book launch of their book : Our Thoughts Are Free : Poems and Prose on Imprisonment and Exile “. My heart filled with deep sadness…. .Looking at them, from their ages of 20 till today in their late 50,60,70 and early 80. For centuries, their justice still is being denial. Looking at them, I deeply solute to these courage human kind.(

I can deeply feel and understand them, I was also being arrested and detained for few times for even only few days in prison .But, it is enough for me to feel how cruelty and inhuman can be when we kept inside a prison, When the justice is not there for us and being treated alike animal. The imprisonment caused me so much pains and sufferings today, especially affected my current stage of physical health. Hence, I can imagine, for those who had experienced through even more abusive ISA detention, the impacts of the detention is definately far more worse then me.

ISA had been used from the year 1960 till today almost 39 years to suppress all the dissidents voices both in Malaysia and Singapore by both the Barsian Nasional and PAP ruling regimes. . It is a cruelty to let such anti humanity law still exist on this earth. Honestly speaking, I cannot see the law will be repealed if the countries are still ruled by these cruet regimes in this earth. Or we can say no power to be and anti human rights regime will repeal such laws that can make them forever in power by suppressing dissenting voices. We need a better governance that can truly care, love and sincere to serve their people.

In the same times, we need to ensure the ISA to be abolished that will ensure no any power to be can ever misuse it.

Abolish ISA ! No more IKUT SUKA AKU !

17 May 2009
Kuala Lumpur

Beautiful stories of the activities of “liberation” dharma

May 13, 2009

Extreme poverty is the reality of life facing many poor people in Nepal (source:

Extreme poverty is the reality of life facing many poor people in Nepal (source:

faces of poor women living in the rural area of Himalayan (source:
Sometimes we are having fears .
Fears to speak the truth.
Indeed, to speak the truth, especially to the power to be is something risky that may harm your life.

In the his/herstory, we still can see people who had acted and stood up for upholding justice and truth fearless and honestly. They can be atheist, faith believers or maybe socialists/communists, or even the branded “terrorists” the power to be wanted to refer to.

However, the bottom line is that we can see the virtues of these people, be women or men, their hearts and mind always fill with deep compassion impartially and also sincerely wanting to see justice and humanity to be preserved.

The Buddhist usually will refer person alike this as bodhisattva.
In reality, we can notice bodhisattva can appear as non Buddhists or even atheist. The bottom line is their mindstream is filled with deep impartial compassion, wisdom and acted selflessness for the betterment of all the sentient beings.

I am fortunate enough able to meet these people in my life . Theirs actions in real life have been always showed me how a follower of Buddha can be and should be. Here are some stories of their actions in this age of degeneration age.

There are many forest monks and nuns who live in the Thailand, those who are theravadian have showed some impressive actions. I had met many of them when I stayed in Bangkok many years ago. Many of them together with the rural folks, especially the farmers working on environmental preservations, land rights and also social justice cause in the countryside. There were stories of the monks/sangja had actually used their robes to tie on the forest trees together with the villagers to provent the forest to be damaged by big dam and deforestation project.

The sangha had acted on the cause of social justice, has no doubt they see their role as the dharma preachers not only on the meditation cushion, inside temple, but also back to society to the masses who had fed them with faith, aspiration prayers, respects and also material supports. The monks/nuns also had participated together with the farmers in their peaceful demonstration and slept days and months on the street in front of the government house to demand for land rights and to stop the harmful big dam project in Bangkok. The deepest support of the sangha had gained the tremendous respect of the villagers. The monks were actually stayed there day and nights togther with the poor farmers on the street to conduct the prayers for the demonstrators.
The prayers and support that were given by the monks had created the highest moral support to the poor farmers who were actually deeply victimized by the abusive system that marginalized the poor.

Another beautiful experience I had learned also from another Vajrayana high lama, who is a high realized Rinpoche who is living in Katmandhu, Nepal in year 2006. I was actually interviewed him for the social work that he has been done in the rural area – at the poor villages along the border of Nepal and Tibet. He had done something great that even social activists and organisations had failed to do so.

He had conducted so many dharma teachings to the countryside folks in the border/rural area of Himalayan Nepal – especially to call for the repeal of the century long bonded labour slave system which had been practiced for centuries long in this region. He had managed to persuade the landlords of almost 7 areas that the practice of bonded labour system is an act that against the dharma teachings and not the act of a Buddha followers should be practiced. Many of these landlords who are Buddhists eventually willingly and realised their misdeed of practising the bonded labour system. Eventually, almost more then 10,000 bonded labors were being released by their landlords. Even in that time, there was still no national legislation in Nepal to abolish the bonded labor practices in the country! Infect, this Rinpoche had preached the ideas of law of karma and its effects to these people that eventually had make many of the land lords /followers realized their misdeeds. In the same times, the teachings also guided the bounded laborers to let go their deepest hatred and angers that most time ended up they will join the Maoist arms struggle in order to seek justice.

I was indeed felt very touching that how dharma can be the true means of liberating a person’s mind streams from devil forces to the deepest kindness.
The teachings and actions of this Rinpoche indeed is the true light of Buddha activity especially for the life of these bonded labours and also making the landlords to reveal their Buddha kind nature. All sentient being has the Buddha nature indeed!

I always regards these acts are infect resulting from the liberation dharma that able to liberate the human kind and all sentient beings. I deeply wish this type of dharma activities will be a day flourishing in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world. Lets bring the truth light of Buddha activity to liberate the sentient beings from their sufferings!

13 May 2009
Kuala Lumpur
This piece is writen also to remember the blooshed of the 13 May 1969, caused by the manupulation of racial politics in Malaysia.

Silence of Spiritual movement : alike the partner of crime for injustices?

May 11, 2009

Elected state assembly represenative Janice Lee was arrested near the Perak state building on the 7 May 2009- alike "democracy is being inprisionement?"  (source:

Elected state assembly represenative Janice Lee was arrested near the Perak state building on the 7 May 2009- alike "democracy is being inprisionement?" (source:

In the midst of political chaos in the state of Perak, the call for justice and democracy to be prevailed and restored in Malaysia, especially for Perak seems to be coming from spiritual organization such as churches indeed very encouraging one!. However, we had not even heard from any Buddhists organizations , though we had heard their appeals and prayers for world peace, such as Burma, Sri Lanka, and China. Somehow, maybe Malaysia is a too peaceful nation. We hardly hear about peace , social justice and democracy prayers will be conducted for Malaysia.

However, we always can see the calls always come from the Churches and Christian community. The Churches& Christians seems to regards their obligations to serve the god is equally important to serve the society, particularly whenever any of the injustices are happening in the society and world. It is the obligation as the faith followers to speak the truth and take actions.

In the history and the world, there were many examples of mass struggle for independent movement that were waged in many countries, especially the Latin America, we also could see the role of the churches played ,especially waged the flag of calling their followers to take up the righteous role in defending the motherland, for peace, democracy and social justice.

Near to us in Burma, we saw the sangha and lay persons took themselves to the street to call for democracy, human rights and peace to be restored in Burma. They risk their life to be killed, detained and tortured.

Far back to Tibet, the sangha again due to oppression , they had resisted and uphold their resistance in a non violence manner.

Back to the year of 1970 and 1980, we saw the massive involvement of the monks/nun/sangha of Buddhists in Vietnam and South Korea as well actively involved in the social justice and peace cause. The Vietnamese sangha worked effortless to call for peace and even work for peace in practical sense till the Vietnam war ended. The South Korean sangha joined the protest together with the students and youths activists to resist the military regime of that time in the early 1980 of grand democracy struggle of the nation. Some of the high rnonks were even burn themselves with fire as a sign of their deepest despairs of the situation and used such drastic way to send the strongest message their sangha and devotees to not conform to injustice and oppressorsThe suicide action was base on the deepest love on the nation and welfare of their people.

In generally, the spiritual movement is always regards as the pure torch that can guide the human kind soul and mind be always in the loving kindness, generosity, peace loving and care for others. All religions always will refer to these very fundamental basics teachings as the guanidine for principle of life and faiths to their believers. The guidance of moral conduct as well referring to our role and responsibility not only to our own spiritual community, but also the society and world at large. Therefore, we can see the changes and transformation of a person attitude, beliefs and judgment of social justice are deeply linked with the way the spiritual movement/its leaders and its organizations, the way they carry themselves or taught their principle will eventually affect the mentality and quality of their members in this movement.

We can find that those who are able to engage their spiritual practices/principles integrated with the social reality of the society and world at large had brought tremendous great
Progress/betterment for the society and world. Due to their pure , deepest impartial compassion and righteous hearts and mind , their appeals for social changes had move people hearts in-depth, Many followers actively and selflessness to participate in true social change not expecting any returns.

Hence, the institutions had showed the examples of how the spiritual movement can/shall participate in the positive changes in the society, without being making themselves to be the partner in crime with the oppressor by remaining silence.

Especially when the society and nation is in the situation of “chaos” alike due to the powers to be unable to let go their attachment to the power and abuse the democracy, human rights and justice in order to remain in power.

The spiritual movement which suppose are those not engage in any of these power grabbing games shall be able to play key role, to torch the pure light for the darkness. Speak the truth ,only the truth is matter. If a spiritual movement is unable to speak the truth and defense the just cause, how can we regards ourselves as the one wish to become Buddha, will serve to all sentient being from their roots of sufferings and gain the roots of happiness? Especially when we are not honest and courage enough to speak the truth and stand up for it?

11 May 2009
Kuala Lumpur

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Celebrating Wesak Day with Demon(s)?–
















Is Prime Minister Najib praising the Buddhism or warn the Buddhists/sangha?

May 10, 2009
Prime Minister, Najib attended the  Wesak celebration in the Dong Zen Temple : Source:
According to our prime minister Najib who had attended the Wesak Celebration organized by the major Buddhist organizations on the 9 May 2009 in Fuo Guang Shan, Dong Zhen Temple..

He said that he admire the teachings of Buddhism. The teaching guide us to be up hold the moral principle. Again, he stressed that he like the most about the teaching of the peace way of resolve conflict and non conflict attitude, Buddhism believe on good deeds will bring good karma and also have the big heart to accept the voice of dissidents”- I translated from the page A8 Oriental news of 9 May 2009.

 After reading this news report that I assumed that it was the correct documentation of what Najib had said in the celebration of Wesak.

 The only thought arise in my mind is :

Is he telling himself that he need to be moral upright? To resolve conflict in peaceful manner and also have the great compassionate heart to accept the dissidents voices, especially the social political dissidents from opposition parties, civil society and bloggers? Is he really already realize bad things that the BN had done in Perak is immoral? Violence gangster manner? Under his leadership as the prime minister , he had acted so dictatorial even than Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

 Or he is actually thinking:

“ The Chinese voters seems to be running away from BN, especially UMNO now. I need to call upon this nice statement in front of all these devotes, high monks and auspicious day – to remind them that how beautiful the Buddhism They are peace loving , forgiveness and tolerance binding teaching, include their followers and spiritual masters. So, as Buddhists , we should bealways be forgiveness, peace loving ,non confrontation and tolerance – even in front of injustice occur in this motherland?”

 Is he really praising the teaching of Buddha and dharma?

Or he want to warn the sangha and devotees to keep silence? No differentiation mind of black and white/ no differentiation mind of justice and injustice/right & wrong?

 Buddha Sakyamuni in the past who had gave up all his wealth, power, name,fame and even his family members in order to seek the true meaning of life for all sentient beings. His heart filled with true compassion and loving kindness , impartial one. Be you are people from any caste/class background, your occupations and gender, you are equal beings. You should be respected with dignity and fair just treatment. With realizing the sufferings and roots of sufferings of sentient beings, he taught us to realize that the impermanence of life and emptiness as the essence of life. To point out the key reasons of we are suffering, such as the mind poisoning addict to bad desires of addicting to name, fame, power, wealth and jealousy. He gave up all his name, fame, wealth and power to walk the path to gain Enligthenment and guide all sentient being to walk the same path.

 Is Najib really realized that the great compassion, peace loving and tolerance of Buddhists come from their realization of the above Buddha teachings ?

 The teachings that point out the root cause of suffering due to the poisons in our mind that caused us chasing for wealth, power, name and fame that caused so much harmful to millions of people? The attitude of compassionate and tolerance of the Buddhist teaching arise from/in result of their realization of the root cause of sufferings of sentient beings. This is not just a simple “nice people nice heart and nice feeling”.

 It is to remind us to be away from addicted to power, name, fame , ego clinging and wealth that can cause us suffering and as well destroy others people life due to our bad actions.

 Is Najib and all our political leaders who attended the Wesak celebration really truly understand and practice what the Buddha key message/teaching?

 Or he wish the Buddhist devotee and the sangha to be always be the silence one that cannot differentiate between the right/wrong, just and injustice and impartial compassionate/ selective preference? Just support BN regime under his leadership now, whatever he say, do and act is all for one Malaysia?!

10 May 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Hardship: Fortune Moment for Gaining Enlightenment

May 2, 2009
In one of teaching of  the HE Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche lately in Malaysia, He mentioned about : ” we are so busy planning planning planning for all types of activities and plan every day and every years, yet we are not preparing for the death when its approach us .:-0..

After hearing this sentence, I laughed and yet my heart getting fearing and anxious.
Indeed time is passing very fast and we will never know when we will be dying.Can be any time from now, although we think we will have another 30 or more years to live on.

We think we can always delaying our practices later after we are retire and when we are freerer from engaging from other daily activities. Yet, the fact is death can come to knock to our door anytime, even we are not expecting it.

Times is running out, the precious human body that support for our practices shall be make good use to do the practices in diligence way. Not wasting time do other meaningless things and thoughts.

We do realized all these meanings whenever we listened to all the realized master in their teachings.

Somehow our laziness always become the hindrance in our practice.

Today, when I met a dharma sister who had been practices for long time and now was enduring sufferings of cancer sickness. She told me something that infect strike my mind even more.

She said. I thought I had done so much practices in the past. However when the sickness comes, when the pain of body totally hurt me, infect I only realized what I had practices only can managed the only 20 % of this situation!! However, I can not do any physical practices as I am too weak, the only thing I can do is to meditate. It is amazing, my mind practice advance tremendously then when I was healthier and can do all types of other practices and activities, being busy in life. The only thing I can do now is only stay at home and can do nothing. The only thing I can do is meditation. It is alike am in a long retreat.”

My heart was very deeply move after hearing what she had said to me.
I know deeply that she is indeed a good practitioner who is able realizing and practicing what the dharma has taught us upon the most hardest time in her life.

I deeply wish she can gained great realization in this process.

Rest our mind. This is the only thing we should do in order to be liberated from the samsara sufferings and gain realization.

The hardship and difficult times is always the best time for our practices to advance and even gain the enlightenment. It is so true.

It was so similar for any of us who had been enduring all types of sufferings due to our attachment, ego clinging, ignorance, negative emotions. All these roots of surfeiting can be the best teachers for us to lead us to gain advancement in practice, realization and lead to enlightenment. 
Hardship indeed is the most Fortune Moment for Gaining Enlightenment!