True generosity – is truly letting go


Last few weeks, after visited a relative during the Chinese New Year. I was having a tea at coffee shop. There was a beggar who was actually wondering outside the shop and later came inside to beg for money.

Suddenly, I saw a lady next to me who seems to be doing quite well from her dressing.

When the beggar came to her, she was actually stared to him with very fierce looks and asked him to go with a rude voice.

It was a surprise for me indeed.

I was surprise not because she refused to give any money.

Surprise for her stinginess.

Maybe many people will claim that there are many syndicate nowadays that had organized for organized begging business. If we gave these beggars money, then this syndicate business will be flourishing.

In a way, this is true and correct.

However, we indeed cannot be so sure sometimes, whether these people really are true beggars or fake one. Or maybe they are being “detained” and force to be professional beggars. For instance if they are not able to collect any money, they maybe punished physically. Or being denied for any meals.

Therefore, we indeed cannot be so sure.

Somehow, we still can give some foods , at least they can eat and drink , and avoiding cash.

Giving with true feelings of concerns and kindness is more important .

I remembered once we had a session of dana- food giving with our Rinpoche in holy site of Buddhagaya, India in Nov, year 2007. He said that he felt very touching when saw the disciples who “give away” the dana of food with respectful way and humbly attitude to those beggars in the area. Ir was the acts of humility and respect that make the act of Giving become meaningful and beutiful. If we give away/donate with the hearts of proud, pride, feeling good for ourselves or
regards others negatively, lower or suspicious, all the act of generosity of giving become meaningless eventually.

The reason we give away/donate something or services are in true sense to train ourselves not to attach/cling and stinginess. You need not be the rich ,smart one or need to give something very expensive amd big, then only consider generosity. All come from our heart, the heart of truly concern, feeling compassion and able to let go/giving in our mindstream.

He reminded us again. Don’t behave alike some of the Buddhists followers who keep competing with their dharma brothers and sisters in donating and show off their material possession. All these will not accumulate single merits for yourselves, if you have the wrong intention in the act of giving/generosity. Including showing off your knowledge as well.

Again, I reminded myself again what my master had told me after encountered the scene last weeks. May his words of wisdom always remind me.


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