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Lessons of life

March 22, 2014


Best lessons in life is when we realise that life is impermanence,
yet we are still dwelling in hope and fears
yet not realise the negative thoughts and emotions within us
alike the waves of ocean
floating all direction aimless


Silence within

March 22, 2014

A08 mandala uit het hart

Sometimes we un realise that our happiness is building on others’ sufferings
Just because we donot realise the roots of happiness
Is when we look within
In silence

dream of life

March 15, 2014

treat life alike a dream
yet don’t live life alike dream


March 9, 2014

even this moment we do not have any sickness, good life
someday, our body will be dismantle
impermanence come to us in any moment


what is karma?

March 9, 2014

what is karma?
it is part of the circle of cause and effect

what is the cause of the body illness:
– state of mind, way of thinking – affect personality
-state of emotion
-life style and habits

when we have negative thoughts ,emotions, life habits,pattern-it will lead to illness of body, even mind and soul.

so, all about karma.

we are our own maker of illness and karma
we are our own karmic debtors