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Courage – force of life

March 31, 2012

Look for the hero inside yourself – the courage and strength to be true to yourself.

‘With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity ….. Nair, Keshavan’


Chasing the wind

March 28, 2012

Our thoughts alike the wind

Constantly come

Constantly go

Our mind keeps moving

Follow the wind of the thoughts

Follow the wind of desires

Follow the wind of emotions

Follow the wind of  graphing

Follow the wind of fear

Yet we think

These winds are truly exist

It is  real

It is e so vivid

Yet we cannot find the trace of the wind

Where it’s coming from?

Where it has gone?

Yet we  think they are truly exist

Keep chasing the wind of mind


March 27, 2012

When we realize politics

is same like human life

Just like a dream

Dream of  hope, attachment, fears and sufferings

Dream of  chasing illusion

Dream of emptiness

So the mind is ease

Journey into your self

March 27, 2012

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? To the search of ultimate freedom”

For those who are wearing masks

March 24, 2012

In order to protect ourselves not being hurt

Most time we wear mask

In order to protect ourselves not being hurt

Most time we wear mask

In order not to reveal our true thoughts and feeling

Most time we wear mask

In order to gain what we wish

Most time we wear mask

In order to  pretend to others

Most time we wear mask

In order to  deal with our own fears

Most time we wear mask

Yet we know

Behind these masks

Trouble mind always follow us

Fears of being truthfully and honest

The fears alike shadow never leave us

In the name of Love: Women -Give up being a dignified and equal human beings

March 22, 2012

Because of Love

Many women  give their self less love to their loves one

Because of Love

Many women tend to tolerate un fulfilling and abusive relationship

Because of Love

Many women believe that to love is means to accept violence upon them as sign of care from their love one

Because of Love

Many women learn not to  be their true self and live under the shadow of the love one

Because of Love

Women make to believe that  she only look pretty and wanted by her love one, if she is slim and sexy

Because of Love

Women believe that they are not good enough therefore their loves one leave them

Because of Love

Women need to be lost herself fully in order to gain the love and happiness of her life

Because of LOVE

Women have to give up

Being a dignified and equal human beings

Break through

March 22, 2012

Soon we decide the break through the illusive minds – we are as free as the wide sky above these Himalayan mountain- Nepal

Stay still

March 20, 2012

When the cause and conditions ripens, the karmic connection and happening arise.
As the seeds had planted in the past, Yet, this conditions are as well impermanence existence

Therefore,. simply not to react or reject it. Let it arise and vanish. To stay still as is it.
This is alike when we are encountered with huge challenges in life- facing situation and people that you cannot avoid. The only matter is how we keep our mind and realize the emptiness nature of pheromone and mind. The karma exhausted.

the poison happiness

March 20, 2012

If the “happiness” that we are looking for cause us so much pains and sufferings –heartache. This must be abandon – this “happiness” must be a poison! This poison yet is the best nectar for gain reliasation – away from illusion!

Is Buddhism or Buddist institutions/leaders fail to response to the current crisis in the world?

March 20, 2012

Is Buddhism fail to response to the current crisis in the world?

Or the Buddhists leaders and its institutions  fail to response to the current crisis in the world?

Buddha never said that he is a Buddhist. what he realised is the truth of life that is universal, regardless people have faith or no faith.

Therefore. for dealing with the issues and challenges face in the world now.

We shall looks at whats go wrong in our society , the roots and then use an universal approach that seek solution.

If we are confidence in  the Buddha teaching is universal, hence, even without saying” this is actually the way what Buddha or Buddhism  ” etc  to deal with people who choose has no faith or not Buddhists.

Secondly, the real challenge today is  perhaps the   Buddhist  institution fail to response to these challenges in the world. It is not Buddhism fail to response to the challenge of current world. It is the leaders and institutions fail to response to these challenges .

Look at the advance of churches in the world and their deep social engagement in society, we can reflect on this matter. They have propagated the social transformation theology that refer to liberation theology. In addition establish very active social conviction actions in all areas of changes in society- not the type of welfare work. But able to engage in making changes of the social economy and even political institutions that created collective samsara to the society and world.

Therefore,  we need  socially engage Buddhists to engage themselves  to make changes on the oppressive political economy institutions that created the collective samsara to the people in the world. The wisdom of Buddhism is able to answer these challenges if the institutions and people  are willing to socially engage and bring the sprints of universal humanity to the real world.