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The journeys

February 24, 2011

The journey of human life on this earth
The journey to seek ultimate truth
The journey to seek freedom

All are journeys that actually has no last destinations

As the moment we are starting the fist step, the end of next step is coming
The beginning is leading us to an end
The end will again lead lead us to the start….

A good travel on such journeys will always traverse on this earth/universe with spirits of discovery unknown in order leading to the path of ultimate truth and freedom……..

Trinley Chodron
24 Feb 2011

A good traveler has no fixed plans,
and is not intent on arriving.
~ Lao Tzu


Who is the highest ruler/king on this earth? Politician? /King?

February 23, 2011

“Bodhicitta may be viewed as having different levels: one useful classification is that given by Patrul Rinpoche in his Words of My Perfect Teacher. He states that the lowest level is the way of the King, who primarily seeks his own benefit but who recognizes that his benefit depends crucially on that of his kingdom and his subjects. The middle level is the path of the boatman, who ferries his passengers across the river and simultaneously, of course, ferries himself as well. The highest level is that of the shepherd, who makes sure that all his sheep arrive safely ahead of him and places their welfare above his own.”

For anyone who claim they are Buddhist or practitioner of Buddha dharma teachings or claim to be Buddhist country:
they shall reflect that this teachings deeply. Especially those rulers who are misused of Buddha dharma teaching to silence their people minds or to make them scare of voicing disagreement in the midst of injustice.

These rulers shall realized that the teaching mentioned above.
The lowest Boddicita is usually referred to those rulers who are only interested to hold on to the power and show their kindness in order to control their people.

Even the shepherd, who makes sure that all his sheep arrive safely ahead of him and places their welfare above his own.

A King, president is nothing than a shepherd whose heart is selfless.

How to practice bobddicita in a ‘dream like’ world ?

February 21, 2011

It has been a very painful times whenever I feel myself is unable to be able to successfully resolve some critical crisis of others who are facing life threats.

Or unable to ensure that wise decisions are make. This pains has been part of me for long time.

One day, I asked one of the Buddhist master who had share his views on this matter.
This has been my reminder whenever the feeling of helpless and pains appearing.
Especially to witness “imperfectness” of whatever results that I tried to do.

“Master, what shall I do more in order able to assist those who are in need of help from being prosecuted due to their action against the bad dictatorship regime? I had done all my best till can no more afford to do anything and anymore…..yet seems there is no solution…and beyond our control .”

Master replied, “Every happening and phenomenon has its cause and reasoning that led to the result. You are here only to assist, however, you are not able to dismiss the seed of the cause and result that had been created by those who had committed to it. Be this life or far back many life times earlier. “

“Treat all these happenings as the material for you to deepening the realization of meaning of self less compassion and primordial wisdom”
“See all these happenings alike a dream. You are in a dream” “One day when you wake up. You will realize that nothing is as permanence or impermanence.” ” Just like all the happenings in the human history, those who claimed to fight for justice, they may turn to someone oppress others or in reverse. The human minds are filled with waves of desires and clinging, keep changing when outer environment are changing. “

“Therefore, do what you think shall be done. Yet don’t attach to its results or being shaken by its effects- be good or bad result. As you know, all these happening alike a dream. We only are able to be truly liberated when we ourselves are able to wake up from this dream like world.”

Trinley Chodron
21 Feb 2011

What are the indicators of happiness of Chinese people in China?

February 19, 2011

The Phoenix Chinese TV channel special issue reported on “What is the indicator of Happiness for Chinese people in China”?

Most of those were interviewed said:
“ decent job and life”
“comfortable life and secure job”
“happy family and stable life”
“accessible and affordable housing and medical treatment”

It showed that “happiness” is something related to common life and common basic daily needs of the civilians” –referring to decent work, living environments and cherish life with their love one.

The Chinese government and policy makers are currently looking into what are the indicators of “happiness” need to be considered and needed by its citizens.
After looking at the development philosophy of the Bhutanese: “Gross National Happiness” It aims to achieve national happiness, not skewed growth.

One of the development expert who were interviewed and said in this TV program interview:
“ Yes, it is important to look beyond the economic growth as the indicator that can give the happiness to the people. In reality, the material progress in China doesn’t reflect the level of happiness of its people. Therefore, we need to look beyond the material dimension as the only indicator for national development that can bring happiness to all the people”

“However, we need to ask the fundamental question:
what are the causes that led to the sufferings of the people in China? This need to be investigated before we are formulated any policies aim to create/bring happiness to the people”

“As happiness is not something to be created or need to be modified to make it more beautiful. Therefore, no point to stress on what make us happy and ignore what are the factors that had caused the sufferings”

These statements that was make by this Chinese expert had reflected the key fundamental issues need to be redressed in the Chinese society. Obviously, those identified needs had been expressed through the civilians in this TV interview. It had indicated that
“decent job, life and safe /stable living environment” is something that common civilian wishing for.

It is not the “national GDP growth” and not “how many people can be billionaires”

However, it is interesting to note that many governments in the world are largely failing in their efforts to formulate and implement those policies that can ensure the sustainable livelihood, decent employment, accessible/affordable social facilities, decent living environment and able to live with their love one in a safe living environment, In the name of pursuing market profit, privatizations of health, education, water, electricity, housing all the basic amenities had turned into a “luxury” items for many common civilians, in particularly for the underprivileged poor and working class.

Will Chinese government able to eliminate the root cause of the sufferings and bring the true happiness to its common civilians?Lets see.

l live to Give and Forgive

February 19, 2011

Beautiful valentine greetings from a friend’s FB’s wall message. :

“l live to Give and Forgive”

– the best true meanings of valentine day for all being .Then, we will have no war and in peace with each others”

14 Feb 2011

Compassion with skillful way of rough fullness

February 19, 2011

In many zen stories showed that compassion sometimes need to be manifested in a cruel way in particular context-

For those sentient beings whose minds are filled with strong self centered, selfishness and ego clinging,
To show compassion to them is to “hit on their faces” and ego with wrathfu8l ways
As they will not be able to reflect and self realize with the soft ways.

However, whether the ego clinging is able to be break- very much depends on the “wisdom” of this person, Or eels they are keep creating their own obstacles in life till they awaken. Hopefully through their self make obstacles and sufferings , they will realise that the key of solution is upon their hands. No one able to assist them to end this suffering, only they themselves able to let go their own self craving. Wisdom minds will prevail.

trinley chodron
7 feb 2011

Deepest solute to you: Chiranuch Premchaiporn! The history of justice will always with you!

February 19, 2011

A spiritual master told the Chinese sage, Confucius: “when you serve the worldly matter and looking for justice in the worldly affairs. You will see how those people who struggle hard for power ad claims they fought for justice and welfare of people. They eventually betrayed their own vows and people.

So, are you still want to practice compassion in your worldly affairs? If you still want to promote/ practice compassion, then you have to prepare to accept betrayal, accusation an d prosecution from even those who you used to struggle together with”

You should know the human mind is alike water, easily change and flow to any directions, be good or bad-as impermanence

In the Chinese ancient and latest modern political history, we always can learn those who were prosecuted by injustice way – many were actually those who stood up for their principle of Compassion and Conscience – as they knew that their ultimate trial on any wrong doing is within their heart and mind of conscience. Not the kangaroo court that is mastermind by those who hunger for power and wealthy for their own interests.

Therefore, my deepest solute to you: Chiranuch Premchaiporn! The history of justice will always with you!

By Trinley Chodron
6 feb 2011

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