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changing existence

September 29, 2012


Yesterday had gone. Today will be also soon to be another yesterday
The foots steps mark on the seaside is another mark
The mark of memory
The mark of past /Soon we cross over to another step
The moment will be another yesterday
Therefore, either past, this moment or next moment, nothing is truly exist
Just like people and event happened, happening and will be happened in our life.


Projection of our mind

September 29, 2012

Most time the truth that we are holding is merely creation of our mind
This creation is base of Hope and Fears
Hope to gain what we wish draw us to strong attachment and beliefs
Fears of losing or not wanting to face what we dislike make us hold on strong emotions of hatred, rejection, dislike, suspicious and judgmental

These ego clinging and emotions clouded our mind that eventually lead us trusting all truth that we proclaim is ultimate truth. This ultimate truth makes division between people, society and nation. It is why we will never achieve peace, justice unless human kind is able l to transcend the myth of hope and fears that due to our mind projection

Embrace change

September 29, 2012

Open to changes and embrace it
No matter what wrong we had done in the past, we always have present moment to do the right things
Be happy, donot complicate our life


Open to change

September 20, 2012

How our life is always ruled by uncertainty

The best is to be able not to hold on our expectations too firms
Or else disappointment will be hurting us

As things and people changes in all single moment

We infect are ruled by the busy thoughts that running around like winds in all single secondsSo, how can we expect situation and others unchanged?The best is open to change, impermanence, accept things as is it.

Truth VS Myth

September 20, 2012

Sometimes it is important to discover truth
Even not all the truth are pleasant. Most time it is not.
Or else it will not be called “Truth”.

Yet, “truth” versus “myth” is seems contrasting to each other.

In deeper level, it could be also the projection of our mind that see things not in clarity as think it is truth, later, when the mind is free from emotion, labeling and judgement, we realised that the so called “truth” is not as such., then it become “myth”.

All are the play of thoughts in our minds that are clouded by desires, emotions and judgement.

Nevertheless to be able discover “truth” is better than delusion.

selfless unconditioned love free us from fears

September 16, 2012

we can give out love, yet not expecting.
we can accept love, yet knowing ashen times come, let it go,

its doesn’t means not appreciating relationship
. if our hearts still love the person, whether we are still together. the love will not change. whether they know or not, the love will not change.
whether they come back or not, the love will not change

this is selfless unconditioned love
unconditioned love is freedom and joyfre
as its not bonded by expectation, need and fears

there is neither losing nor gaining

September 16, 2012

the greatest wisdom is knowing that:
when we gain, its means also losing
when we loss, also means also gaining
the highest wisdom is knowing there is neither losing nor gaining.

Bubble of life

September 16, 2012

I like to watch at bubble..
It is so beautiful like real one….yet its disappear soon we try to hold it and think it is real! !!

Forgiveness free us from imprisonment

September 16, 2012

Most time we speak about forgiveness
Yet, the heart is unable to let go.
Forgiveness must come from we need to recognize that in any situation or happenings, we also are also part of the problem, not only one side
Therefore, to ask for forgiveness from others s before asking others to forgive.
This will make forgives work for both sides and easy to let go- as we start to let go self craving.


September 16, 2012

Action of fearless comes from self-less and unconditioned love. As its beyond self.