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Ego and judgmental mind

November 28, 2014

If we use ego , our judgement will rule our mind. the judgement lead us to interprate happenings and perceptions on others. most time its merely our own conceptual belief and self make belief. the same for others towards us. how we perceives things lead us to different outcome of happenings and results in life.
some people choose the positive. some people choose the negative one.
the result of the outcome is all rest upon us.


Recall the turning of dharma wheels

July 31, 2014

when we realise that the cause and conditions has no true essences.
so, its has no power on us,
and thus lead us to liberate from the circle of hope, fear ,attachment and sufferings



Happiness is a choice

July 11, 2014

happy mind is a choice of life. happiness comes not because the external environment have given us. but we choose it
we choose to be happy in any conditions of life.



celebrating life

July 4, 2014




thanks to our parent give birth to us in a family that not full of comfort. So, we learn how to survive in any conditions in life along this path.

So we are able to turn the rocky path be the training ground for our growth with determination, positive and persistence.

Eventually, the rocky journeys becomes the most valuable learning and capitals in life. We turn it into the bed of roses and celebrate life with hope, faith,love and determination.

Lessons of life

March 22, 2014


Best lessons in life is when we realise that life is impermanence,
yet we are still dwelling in hope and fears
yet not realise the negative thoughts and emotions within us
alike the waves of ocean
floating all direction aimless

Silence within

March 22, 2014

A08 mandala uit het hart

Sometimes we un realise that our happiness is building on others’ sufferings
Just because we donot realise the roots of happiness
Is when we look within
In silence


December 14, 2013


peace is beyond happiness and sadness
peace is freedom from hopes and fears
peace is the inborn within us

Common Problem of the “Buddhists”

October 26, 2013

images candle

Common Problem of the “Buddhists” :
They claimed to understand the nature of samsara
Yet cling to nirvana and reject samsara
When they saw imperfection in samsara, they despair
When they enjoy happiness in samsara, they over joy and cling
Yet, the nirvana and samsara manifested in our own minds and we cannot see it clearly


October 26, 2013


Inner awareness : the ultimate light clearing confusion

October 25, 2013


we need not to be a Buddhist or any faith believers
but something we must need is the clear awarenessthis clear awareness deep within our mind is the ultimate light
guide us away from the wrong doings, wrong thoughts that lead to harm others and ourselves

make us not drown into negative views that lead us dwelling in the circles of suffering in life

make the society and world not dwelling into the circle of sufferings due to human negative thoughts and emotions

humanity, peace, justice on earth today need the revival of inner awareness of each living on earth
the “human consciences” is the foundation of inner awareness

If you have confusion when you witness the wrong paths or practice of any faiths institutions and those who subscribe to paths , yet away from this awareness.

send them the lights of your awareness to clear away their darkness of wrong views and back to their inner awareness.