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sacred commitment

June 26, 2013


To love and being loved is something
But, truly forge seriuos commitment of life is another matters

Nowadays, love is too easy,
Commitment of life yet become sacred too hard to be found


True love: love the imperfection

June 22, 2013


The true lover see the beauty of their loves one, even they are not perfect, as they love the imperfection of us.

Garden of love

June 22, 2013



When the rain of love pouring from sky

The garden of love  is nurtured and blossom

It is like our hearts

The love we planted inside our souls

Blossom like the lotus of love

Love of purity and compassion

Welcome death : Deep love and no regret

June 21, 2013


Life is such unpredictable and impermanence, before we are about to realise how precious it is yet, the door of life destiny -death come to us this is just another un surprise at all yet, we are just not able to be ready every moment in any time we will have to be ready for this day to come the best is we can leave this life with the deepest appreciation of love and no regret

play of our minds

June 20, 2013


All arising is empty in nature
All ceasing is mirror of phenomenon
All phenomenons is merely the play of our minds

love beyond self

June 16, 2013


Mundane love  that is rooted /base on the self expectation, needs, hope/fears,clinging emotions always will be ended with pains and sufferings

Self less love is alike vase sky,the vaseness and deepness embrace all without any discrimination  and judgments

pure intention

June 9, 2013

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kind heart people who has pure sincere intention can do any small things in life with simple pure heart ,happiness ,contentious and real. the impacts that they create is so much impacts.

fake activists ,politicians who yell for change, but they are in real looking for rewards and in depression/anxiety/negative emotions of chasing desire of recognitions

In real, we don’t need the “labeling” of who we are to do good thing and serving the society. Just need simple pure heart and intention.

We found each other again in this path

June 9, 2013

In the long darkest nights

I walked alone……

The nights seems to be endless


You appear in the  darkness

Just like a light

Shine the path

Light up my life

Just like we are never separated

We found each other again in this  life, this path

4 June 2013

Kuala Lumpur

Ego clinging

June 7, 2013

sometimes we are unaware that searching attention from others
become our habits/habitual mind pattern .

this habit make us become selfish , un caring, in respectful and not understanding.
even though outerly its looks opposite

Ego clinging is a poison can lead us lost our clarity of mind!

The disease of ego clinging:

June 7, 2013
sun rise
The disease of ego clinging:
we feel we are the great one and do so much good for society
in real, we are unsure whether we serve for self less mission or our own self recognition
this “disease” ego feeding are rampant especially those who claim to serve the society…..

A pure intention of a poor people/beggar can bring tremendous benefits than the

ego clinging powerful,rich king on this earth!