Compassion with skillful way of rough fullness

In many zen stories showed that compassion sometimes need to be manifested in a cruel way in particular context-

For those sentient beings whose minds are filled with strong self centered, selfishness and ego clinging,
To show compassion to them is to “hit on their faces” and ego with wrathfu8l ways
As they will not be able to reflect and self realize with the soft ways.

However, whether the ego clinging is able to be break- very much depends on the “wisdom” of this person, Or eels they are keep creating their own obstacles in life till they awaken. Hopefully through their self make obstacles and sufferings , they will realise that the key of solution is upon their hands. No one able to assist them to end this suffering, only they themselves able to let go their own self craving. Wisdom minds will prevail.

trinley chodron
7 feb 2011


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