How to practice bobddicita in a ‘dream like’ world ?

It has been a very painful times whenever I feel myself is unable to be able to successfully resolve some critical crisis of others who are facing life threats.

Or unable to ensure that wise decisions are make. This pains has been part of me for long time.

One day, I asked one of the Buddhist master who had share his views on this matter.
This has been my reminder whenever the feeling of helpless and pains appearing.
Especially to witness “imperfectness” of whatever results that I tried to do.

“Master, what shall I do more in order able to assist those who are in need of help from being prosecuted due to their action against the bad dictatorship regime? I had done all my best till can no more afford to do anything and anymore…..yet seems there is no solution…and beyond our control .”

Master replied, “Every happening and phenomenon has its cause and reasoning that led to the result. You are here only to assist, however, you are not able to dismiss the seed of the cause and result that had been created by those who had committed to it. Be this life or far back many life times earlier. “

“Treat all these happenings as the material for you to deepening the realization of meaning of self less compassion and primordial wisdom”
“See all these happenings alike a dream. You are in a dream” “One day when you wake up. You will realize that nothing is as permanence or impermanence.” ” Just like all the happenings in the human history, those who claimed to fight for justice, they may turn to someone oppress others or in reverse. The human minds are filled with waves of desires and clinging, keep changing when outer environment are changing. “

“Therefore, do what you think shall be done. Yet don’t attach to its results or being shaken by its effects- be good or bad result. As you know, all these happening alike a dream. We only are able to be truly liberated when we ourselves are able to wake up from this dream like world.”

Trinley Chodron
21 Feb 2011


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