Thoughts of the day

3 noble TRUTH:

1) We never die because we have crisis in life.
Those who know how to turn crisis to opportunity, is the winner!
This is so true!J!

2) Those who tried to lie 100 times, the end they will face difficulties
In making people trust them, even they are no more lying – they created their own obstacles. This is even more true.

3) Those who pretend concern of other people well-being yet for their own benefits, the end they always fail in what they do. This is an absolute TRUTH, because the karma is ripening fast!

Insanity of dreaming mind:
Today, I saw a young man who seems to be having mental disorder problem
He was so happy and carried all the rubbished he collected from somewhere.
He walked on the street and talked to him self-very loudly as though they are many people heard his speech.
He totally living in his illusion world

In real life, we can see also many people who also living in their Dream make world-Dreaming about their greatness in making good things to struggle and society.

The really talk, behave alike this insane man…living in their world of illusionary of desires, greed and ego clinging!

May all sentient beings able to be liberated from the illusionary mind…….free them
from harming others and themselves.


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