what is dharma and life-Q and A


A disciple asked his Buddhist teacher:
Student: Why life is getting harder even we practice dharma?
Master answered: it is to make you’re realize deeply the true nature of life and truth. So you can truly apply dharma in your life, be part of it Student: why is the true nature of life and truth ?
Master answered: change is part of life. Therefore nothing is permanence and nothing is impermanence. Even the present moment.
Student: if so, life is so meaningless? Nothing is truly existing and yet not non exist.
Master answered: the existence w is defined by you. You want to be happy or unhappy, its your mind to determine. As nothing truly exist or non exist.

So you the least, your mind can decide what thoughts to determine and embrace.
This is dharma
Scroll calligraphy by Hakuin Ekaku (depictsBodhidharma). Caption: Jikishin ninshin, Kensho jobutsu: “Direct pointing at the mind of man, seeing one’s nature and becoming Buddha.”

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