serve the cause -self less- the ultimate way of liberaring ourselves and all sentient beings


As activist for almost 20 over years.

It is something I had never deeply felt till I realized these teaching of our dharma and teachers who remind us to serve with self less is most important and ultimately benefits to all sentient  being


The more I realize the nature of our mind/thoughts and the phenomenon , happenings and people surrounding us. I came to deepest faith on this teaching of self less.

The ultimate truth of emptiness and impermanence.

Hope this contemplation  and realization always not apart from my mind in any single moment:

We may think doing something good and serving the just cause and humanity is helping those who need helps and in risk
Indeed it is not really fully truth

Yet, another truth is:

1. the practice of serving and act on the cause is eventually benefits us more than the cause we serve or the people who are in need or risk


if we truly serve it with “self -less””above self”- it is a training for us to let go our ego – flame with name, fame,position and attention, ego clinging.
we will become more giving with self less and more and more near and discover our inner unborn Bodicitta.

Eventually, we are the one must be transform for the intention of mind and actions that serve the cause with ego clinging.
Then, the cause that we serve will truly benefits from us ultimately.



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