Lonely travelers on earth

Don’t ask me who am i….

Why I come into your life….

I am just a woman who embrace the insanity…

Insanity of seeking ultimate liberation…

To be liberated from long imprisonment of soul & confuse mind….

Be past life

Be this life

We are always the lonely travelers on this earth…..

We cannot accumulate and leave nothing to this earth

We only waiting time comes for us

to check out from this human form body

Alike a traveler who need to check out from guest house…

Again another travel  ,we will be embark ahead

So, don’t ask me who am I

 Why I come into your life….

No matter what had happened in our past life times….

This life …

We are still the travelers on this earth

We meet and depart again …….


2 Responses to “Lonely travelers on earth”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Such a beautiful reflection of life….totally enjoyed reading and thinking about it.

  2. trinley chodron Says:

    thanks for your time to read this poem…. yeap, life is a journey of searching…:) :)….

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