Our Honorable Malaysian Ministers: Remembering the Missing Justice for Former Comfort Women !!

A Drawing did  by a ex comfort woman from south korea (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)

A Drawing did by a ex comfort woman from south korea (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)

Ex comfort women protestig to seek justice! (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)

Ex comfort women protestig to seek justice! (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)


In the last few days front-page of the key pro ruling parties mass media widely broadcasted all the anti communist-terrorist news.
Old stories of ex armies and polices were tortured and killed by terrorist Communalist Party of Malaya.

All types of testimonies were given, even some opposition parties’ leaders also responded in the same way stated similar distorted statement. Calling Ching Peng to return Malaysia if you can abandon Communism.

Maybe all these “patriotic” ruling regimes and opposition parties leaders shall also calling those western power of today to abandon their neo colonialism ideology who only come to exploit our natural resources and cheap labor similar as last century, ask these super power and its investors to abandon their neo colonialism mentality before they can invest in Malaysia! Why double standard towards our own people?
Just because others are rich, powerful and whiter skin then us?
Oh! this is disgusting!!

More Disgusting is most of these male politicians, they totally ignore the deep sufferings also endured by those ex comfort women who were raped and forced to be sex slave during the Japanese occupations period in Malaysia. These women originated from all races, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang asli and more, Their voices has never been heard and told, needless to say to claim the justice for them, Even the government of today tried to disregard this history fact and truth. Some Japanese women activists cum academician once had told me that in their documentation and interview in Malaysia, there were also Malay Muslim women being forced into this cruelty forced sex service as comfort women. We always think that only the Chinese women to be the main target of this cruelty treatment of the past. There is already a solidarity network of Japanese women groups who have been campaigning for the ex comforts women in SEA, North/South Korea , China etc countries that were occupied by Japanese armies. The network had done documentation record of Malaysia comfort women stories. If our ministers and pro ruling power mass media is keen to uphold the justice of war victim, I guess they shall take a copy of it and contemplate seriously.

The fact is whether you like it or not, most of the anti Japanese and colonial power in the last centuries during world war II were mostly led by the nationalists who mostly were communists, as the most dominance and powerful forces.

Far from the east to the west, from Latin America to Asia. You like it or not,
It is the fact that Malaysian government cannot simply change it.

Maybe they should learn more from the Dutch government, who has set up a very good collection of the social history of the world, including Asia. (Institute of Social History:(read:: http://www.iisg.nl/). Dutch, as one of the key imperialist power in the last centuries has the amazing reflection of its past, recognition of what crimes they did to those countries that they colonized. In most of their achieve, you may find that mostly are the
Anti colonialism left leaning movement stories , including in Asia.

So, the Dutch colonial master of the past century, can confess its mistake in the past, honestly recording the past without bias mind, why Malaysia government cannot accept the undisputed truth of the history of our past struggle?

The world crimes of sexual violence that were committed against women is less significant than those ex armies an polices who were killed and injured??

The Testimony of Rosalind: the former gcomfort womanh in Malaysia
Directed by TOKUNAGA Risa/2000/9min@@šAvailable in English titleš
Rosalind in Penang Island testified her about 3 years horrendous experience as a “comfort woman” in Malaysia. She is the first woman to appear in her true name. She was pregnant with child of one of the Japanese army and gave birth to the child.
( source: http://www.jca.apc.org/video-juku/testi-eng.html)

“Even today victims are denied redress: there is widespread impunity for these crimes where perpetrators go unpunished and victims are denied any form of reparation. Sexual violence in the form of rape is used as a weapon of war – it is used deliberately to demoralize and destroy the opposition and is used to provide ‘entertainment’ and ‘fuel’ for soldiers as part of the very machinery of war.” –
coded from the appeal letter to Malaysia government issued by Amnesty International, Malaysia – 14 September 2007 (http://www.aimalaysia.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=266)

You may read the appeal letter that issued by Amnesty International, Malaysia.

-More important is, please post/email/fax to our ministers of today to ask them to act on it!!! Act to uphold the justice without any delay!!

May justice prevail for these countless ex comfort women who had endured their unbearable sufferings, inner shame /trauma and silence for almost 60 years !

Justice delay is definitely the most cruelty act can be committed by our government!

Kuala Lumpur
30 May 2009

More information on comfort women, pls read:






Comfort women alike the rubbish can be dumped into dusbin (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)

Comfort women alike the rubbish can be dumped into dusbin (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)


Comfort women bodies were buried into big hole, just like throwing any rubbish in China (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)

Comfort women bodies were buried into big hole, just like throwing any rubbish in China (http://www.squidoo.com/comfort-women)


3 Responses to “Our Honorable Malaysian Ministers: Remembering the Missing Justice for Former Comfort Women !!”

  1. Gadfly Says:

    Equating communists as nothing but terrorists by the main stream media are just as misleading as equating Islamists as terrorists. The way that the aspirations of thousands of people living during the era of British colonism and Japanese Occupation to free themselves from invasion had been distorted and narrowed down to terrorism tells us a lot more of what they do not say – their attitude towards invasion and war.

    Just War Theory as propounded by Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine and many others provides a useful theoretical framework or yardstick to measure whether the cause of fighting a war is just and whether the war is conducted in a just manner. A common standard should be used to judge both sides of the warring parties. Otherwise, it becomes a double-standard. This should also be the same criteria to judge Israeli occupation of Palestianian lands or American invasion of Iraq.

    Targetting the civilians instead of military objects is indefensible. Worse,the atrocious sexual violence against women commited by the Japanese soldiers was a war crime, which has its roots in the patrichial cultural mythology of women as objects or playthings. This was also a form of terrorism to humiliate and to terrorise the populace into submission. The conduct of the war by Japanese was unjust, sadistic and immoral.

    A pacifist like Ganthi would be hardly able to provide an effective response in face of the ruthless Japanese war machines. Armed struggle was a logical choice, though not the only choice. The framing of the issue of armed struggle into terrorism is oversimplistic. Of course,atrocities are atrocitites, no matter commited by who and which party. A just war needs to be fought justly. But, denial or dilution of war crimes is a completely different story. It conceals the truth and the participants of the kiling machine will remain as prisoners of hatred.

    The meaning constructed from the learning of war crimes is to prevent future wars and conflicts. And justice need to be done at present moment to the comfort women who bear the unbearable horrors of war. Perhaps an archive of oral or written history is a first step to prevent history amnesia when the comfort women and all the survivors of war become the forgotten and invisible people.

    Further reading:

  2. frenky Says:

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  3. Fascinated by Japan, but fixated on the West | j2wp Says:

    […] there is now strong evidence of Malay women forcibly recruited by Japanese soldiers to serve as sex slaves in Malaya. How could a vocal Malay nationalist have overlooked […]

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