The blessing of Covid 19 : humanity and compassion

Since the partial lock down happened on 18 March and now going to be 2 months. the most impressive and amazing experiences i encountered so much that never had before in my life .Even though half a decade being activist and working on underprivileged community issue. i had never seen this

1. so many kind heart,compassion and generosity souls that lending helps to others. even they support migrants workers and refugees ,as we think many are xenophobia on other nationality.

2. so many self initiative in community levels that people start to come together forming caremongering what-app group giving others helps.esp the poor regardless of race,nationality and religions.

3. people are naturally being kind and trusting and giving when they realize others are in need. even some of them were cheated by scam. lately a donor lady told me about dishearten experience.yet am grateful she has faith one me even we never met and donated after i consorted her wounded heart and show how transparency method when we are raise fund for others. she regain her faith and trust,yet learning about the SOP for transparency

4 i noticed that many people now are starting very observance on others and care. you will see people will give you a helping hand on street and also even offer you extra food when they sell their products like vegetable and we are helping them to survive selling food after they lost their jobs and we get help from them send food to us. Including for grab delivery boys..
the human interaction become caring and humane way.

therefore, the Covid 19 virus that really had helped us in so much of how human live on earth and relate to each other.

this will not be such,as we know how Malaysian is before
this is a new norm of life during pandemic and hope this positive changes will continue widely and we are living on earth with more compassion,loving kindness and care to others, animals and environments.

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