the dance that has no dancer – the true face of our mind

photo (5)

With curiosity, some of us- me and my other 3-friends. wonder what type of mystic zen dance that has no dancer. So we went to see the zen dance performance
Yet eventually we realised that those on the stages are we ourselves.
We are the dancers of our life –the stage of life now are put on the stage.
Some of us felt our selves could not breath after watched at the scene, the scene vividly displayed nakedly as a mirror of our minds. Some of us in tears.
When we see the mirror of our mind, we realize and found the long lost “self”- true face of our minds and peace
Our deep thanks to the Anam Rinpoche, Brian Tee and dharma friends, the dance/artists performers and art team for presenting such creative, provocative and reflective gift of dharma to all sentient beings.
29 Dec 2002 was such unforgettable turning point of my life in 10 years ago.
29 Dec 2012, i managed to share and conveyed deep thanks to rinpoche who came here in such meaningful day. unexpectedly to a rinpoche that i have met the first time in my life.
May his dharmic activities will spread afar and benefits all sentient beings -border less.

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