Important are the core values.


Someone sent me this statement and told : “Perhaps Buddha was an American native.” I said : yes. Anyone can be Buddha- the awakening mind. Buddha’s realization that led his from awakening is universal truth- that he himself said : i am not the owner of this truth. It is the universal truth that whether you have faith or no faith. it is the law of the nature and our mind that human and all sentient beings have. There is no such thing as this is what “:Buddhist” “Buddhism” “:Buddha”- as the key- all human and sentient beings are believed to have the “awakening” nature within us. Yet, it lost due to the craving to the negatives thoughts/desires and emotions. soon we let it go, we all in born nature all are the same- we have Buddha nature- the awakening, when you search through others faiths and non faith philosophy and teaching, we will find the strong common core value, only we labeling each other as :”ism” ” political entity” “institutions” etc therefore to be better person or awakening mind, we need not to be a “Buddhist”. Important are the core values.


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