Leaders must be lead by masses

In Asia, most time we put so much HOPE on the political leader, we think that by changing the top gun, life will change. Sometimes come to extend that blindly loyalty to their leaders and extension of the patronage feudal relationship in political and society. This is so why the democracy in Asia is ruled by “personality” and “semi-god” “semi-demon”, not rule by spirits of democracy, system, pol

icy and rule of law.So, i will no more spend times to figure out whether this public political figures or leaders truly sincere or whether they are good people.

Most important is that whether the masses are truly able ready to reject the political order that
repeatedly overturns the will of the people.

This only can truly reflect the inner sentiments of masses who against the bad rules. this is important, this political awareness and rebellious in the future will be the most important weapon to use for safeguard the rights of people, justice and democracy

Leaders can come and go. but masses will continue ensure the leaders will work for them and defend justice. We put too much hope to build justice and democracy on leaders. we must also invent the weapons of awareness and organizations of the masses.

– I love Chinese saying: “leader is always can come and go. we need the good system and also the masses who are strong to defend the justice in the long run”


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