Beyond – Wesak day reflection

On the Wesak day of 5 May 2012, something keep appearing in my mind:
1. we indeed responsible for what do, did- esp what we think..very simple- our habitual thoughts shape our life pattern.fates=the past, now and future
2. till we are fully realize and enlightened. what we do today seem to be helping others in passing their difficulties.
nevertheless, the real is we never able to do it in true essence.
we only making cosmetic change in the person life.
the true changes never happen
esp the mind that dwell in the samsaric sea, habitual pattern that continue cause – the effect that lead to these difficulties.
we cannot erase this for anyone

we can only erase for ourselves .

this make me feel relief indeed.
not being feel mountain of pains inside my mind and heart of not able to do the best for their difficulties can be ease.
in real , it is impossible to do so.


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