Are we truly love someone?

Most time we claim loving someone

In real,

We are chasing the pleasure of being love and want to love

The attachment of such emotions

Emotions that arise from graphing  the thought of seeking  desire of pleasure

Yet when closely watch on such thought, emotion and desires

Its  actually yet empty in essence

When it arose in our mind

We grasp

When it naturally disappear in our mind

We grasp further and try to make it real

Eventually, We either become more attach to the person we love

Or we will blame they don’t love us or we wrongly love someone

So, we keep chasing the thought, emotion and desires that actually no true existences

We keep looking for new person or object to fulfill our desires of pleasure

These thoughts keep come and go

We keep chase, grasp

Circle of samsara

Circle of hell and heaven

Keep reproduce  in our mind

Yet we say that we truly love someone and know about love

Actually we only  for our own search of self existence


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